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RLI Experiment (RLIx)

RLI Experiment (RLIx) is a co-created leadership and learning community at Ross. Working from a flexible curriculum of leadership topics, students advance their development through structured personal reflections and peer-facilitated, small group discussions. RLIx is a forum for students to plan active experimentation with new leadership skills and behaviors, reflect on results, and synthesize learning.

RLI faculty director Scott DeRue and colleague Susan Ashford, both members of the management and organization faculty at Michigan Ross, have published extensively on mindful engagement a path to leadership development that relies on personal agency and self-direction. To develop as leaders, individuals must:

  • Ready for growth

  • Take action to learn

  • Reflect to retain

  • RLIx is co-created and led by students.

  • The community structured around fixed, four-person teams fosters the trust needed to prioritize learning over performance.

  • Weekly, peer-facilitated team meetings encourage active experimentation, while a series of reflective exercises increase self-awareness and surface key lessons.

  • Each participant is responsible for producing a reflective artifact (written or recorded), and all engage online and in full-community forums to synthesize learning, share stories, and celebrate success.

Learn more by visiting the RLIx Blog.


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