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RLI Vitality (RLIv)

RLI Vitality (RLIv) is a proposed leadership and learning community at Ross. It will be co-created with Ross students, with the goal of fostering habits that sustain energy and performance in fast-paced, high-pressure environments. Strategies might include meditation, energizing activities, intellectual stimulation, and positive relationship building.

Gretchen Spreitzer, a member of the management and organization faculty at Ross, has published extensively on thriving a combination of learning and vitality that enables sustained performance. According to her research, individual strategies for promoting vitality include:

  • Taking a break from the status quo

  • Looking for opportunities to learn

  • Developing healthy habits

  • Renewing through centering and energizing activities

  • Investing in positive relationships

  • RLIv will be co-created and student-led.

  • If you are a Ross student and you’re interested in helping us launch RLIv, please contact Brian Flanagan at

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