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Leaders Academy

RLI is proposing to launch a new learning community for the top 5 percent of students in the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. It will prepare them to embody Michigan Ross ideals through a lifetime of leadership and excellence.

Who Will Participate?

Twenty senior BBA students and 25 second-year MBA students (dubbed “Ross Leaders”) will be selected to participate in this dynamic and prestigious program.

Students will be nominated by faculty, staff, and peers during the winter semester prior to their final year at Michigan Ross, and selected competitively based on:

  • demonstrated leadership

  • observed empathy, drive, integrity, and courage

  • academic performance

  • co-curricular involvement

What are the Rewards?

  • Ross Leaders will benefit from several advantages during their final year at the Ross School. They will receive:

  • action-based training in all four fundamental skill sets from our Michigan Model of Leadership: developing collaborative communities, creating robust results, building strategic structures, and enabling creative change

  • a mentorship connection with a distinguished Michigan Ross alum or faculty member

  • access to unique recruitment opportunities

  • a network of past, present, and future Ross Leaders

What are the Responsibilities

Ross Leaders will gain valuable experience through collaborative work with each other and with RLI faculty and staff. They will be tasked with:

  • providing ideas and initiative around a co-created, year-long impact project

  • serving as RLI ambassadors to the Michigan Ross community

  • serving as exemplars of the Michigan Model of Leadership

  • meeting monthly with RLI staff to provide student perspectives and feedback

  • crafting a welcome message to incoming BBA and MBA students with tips, motivators, and key onboarding resources in advance of orientation


Ross Leaders will form a unique community across programs, disciplines, and generations. They will be prepared to make a positive difference through their leadership in business, and to serve as ambassadors for the Michigan Ross community.

If you will be a BBA senior or second-year MBA in 2013-14 and you’re interested in helping us launch the Ross Leaders Academy, please contact Brian Flanagan at

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