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Peer Feedback Tool

Our Peer Feedback Tool allows you to track your leadership progress during your time at Ross. You can use this tool in your class teams, student clubs and organizations, or any group of Michigan Ross students from whom you want to receive anonymous feedback.

  • You will sign up either as a team (where everyone will give feedback to everyone on the team) or as an individual (where you will solicit feedback from a set of individuals).
  • You can choose the opening and closing dates (defining the period in which people can give you feedback), as well as the people from whom you are seeking feedback.
  • The feedback will be saved on iMpact (the Michigan Ross intranet) and can be accessed there throughout your program. After you graduate, the data will be deleted from the server.

RLI encourages you to use this tool to seek feedback from your peers, and hopes the feedback you receive will be valuable to your growth as a leader throughout your Ross experience.

Please note: This feedback is for developmental purposes only. It cannot be used to affect or challenge any grades based on peer input.

Click here to visit the Peer Feedback Site.