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Competing Values

As a result of more than 25 years of academic research and testing, the Competing Values Framework (CVF) is a broadly applicable model that fosters successful leadership, improves organizational effectiveness, and promotes value creation.

The premise of the CVF is that four basic competing values exist within every enterprise:

  • collaborate
  • create
  • compete
  • control

These values compete for a corporationís limited resources (funding, time, and people). How leadership responds to the tension created between these competing values will shape a companyís culture, practices, products, and how they innovate and grow.

On an individual level, this assessment can assist you with your personal development and career planning. At a team level, it can be used to create a shared vision and develop a team to its maximum potential.

Click here to download and complete the Competing Values Assessment.

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To learn more about the Competing Values Framework and leadership, consult:

Cameron, K., Quinn, R., DeGraff, J., & Thakor, A. (2006). Competing values leadership: Creating value in organizations. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.