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Our Point of View

RLI teaches a unique point of view about leadership in the 21st century. It is rooted in the Michigan Model of Leadership and five assumptions.

Michigan Model of Leadership

Learn more about the Michigan Model of Leadership, which builds on cutting-edge, practice-oriented research by faculty in the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Five Assumptions


Leadership is not a position or title. Leaders have a bias towards action that anyone can embrace, regardless of where they sit in an organizational hierarchy.


Leaders do not command compliance of others. They empower, challenge, and support others to accomplish shared goals.


Leaders know themselves. They complement their weaknesses and leverage their strengths to draw out the highest potential in others.


Leaders affect climate change in their organizations. They foster a culture of thriving, where people find meaning and energy through their work.


Effective leadership balances intuition and evidence. Leaders exercise good judgment that is grounded in critical thinking, rigorous analysis, and a healthy respect for human fallibility.


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