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Our Approach

RLI serves the leadership development needs of students at Michigan Ross through (1) high-impact, action-based programs; (2) co-created learning communities; (3) leadership assessments; and (4) Ross community events all rooted in the Michigan Model of Leadership and the discipline of Mindful Engagement.

At Ross, students across academic programs:

  • Engage with insightful experts and practitioners

  • Become familiar with the Michigan Model of Leadership

  • Complete the Ross Leadership Assessment

  • Increase awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses

  • Set SMART learning objectives

  • Approach developmental opportunities with a learning mindset

  • Participate in RLI programs

  • Participate in Ross Multidisciplinary Action Projects

  • Get involved in campus initiatives and student groups

  • Seek challenging internships

  • Leave their comfort zones behind

  • Enter ambiguous, dynamic, complex situations

  • Experiment with new ways of leading

  • Seek and receive feedback

  • Describe their experiences

  • Explain their reactions

  • Consider alternative scenarios

  • Identify key insights about new behaviors

  • Commit to behavioral changes and set specific milestones

  • Restart the process by readying for the next growth


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