Remote Access Troubleshooting

Who Can Access Kresge Databases?

Current Ross Students, Faculty, and Staff

If you are a current Ross School of Business student, faculty or staff member, most of our databases are available for you to access from your home, office, or from any Internet connection. To use these databases outside the Business School, you will be asked to authenticate with your iMpact username and password.

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Ross Alumni

If you are a former Ross student, you have access to some Ross resources. You will be asked to authenticate with your iMpact login information. If you do not have an iMpact login, or do not remember your username or password, view the alumni community's instructions on setting up iMpact access.

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Non-Ross Affiliates

If you are not affiliated with the Ross School of Business, you can still use many of our resources remotely.

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Secure Connection Failed

When accessing some database resources, you may encounter a warning that says "Secure Connection Failed." To bypass this warning:

In Firefox

  1. Click "Add Exception..." on the warning screen
  2. Click "Get Certificate"
  3. Click "Confirm Security Exception"

In Internet Explorer

  1. Click on "Continue to this website (not recommended)"

Other Issues

Many databases use browser cookies to track user sessions. Clearing the cookies from your browser will often fix connection problems to secure websites. View "Help" for your browser to find out about how to clear cookies.

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