For Faculty: Curriculum Support

Kresge Staff manages course material submission and processing, course reserves, CTools support, and related services.

To contact us about any of the services below, please use our contact form and select the service you would like from the topic options, unless otherwise noted.

Course Materials Submission

Kresge Library has partnered with and University of Michigan Printing Services for the production and delivery of course materials. Details about submitting materials are emailed to all faculty and support staff 4-6 weeks in advance of the course material submission deadline. The email will include a "THINGS TO DO" document with important deadline information per term.

The material typically requires copyright review and/or permission but can include lecture notes. This material will be sold to students approximately two weeks before the term begins.

Course materials will be produced and delivered through a course site hosted by

  • Kresge Staff will handle all the administrative issues - working directly with faculty to obtain curriculum material, creating and uploading material on, coordinating simulations and communicating information to students via CTools course sites.
  • Items that were typically processed as a no cost packet can be included on the course site or you may opt to use CTools.
  • Complete the COURSE MATERIAL PRODUCTION REQUEST FORM (NOTE: please complete the first 4 questions on the FORM if you WILL NOT have a course material submission - this will help us determine production levels).
  • will clear copyright permission, set the price and allow students to purchase access for approximately 6 weeks.
  • Kresge staff will set up your access to the course site and provide you with a TEXTPAK if requested (TEXTPAK includes only those materials that are printable; it does not include material links, website or spreadsheet files).
  • You will receive an email once the course site is set up for you to review and approve.
  • Kresge Library will not have a course reserve system. Course Reserves will be managed by the Shapiro Library. A printed TEXTPAK will NOT be made available on course reserves.
  • will provide students with the ability to purchase access to the course site and an optional TEXTPAK (printed copy).
  • An announcement will be posted on course CTools sites providing students with information about how to purchase course materials approximately 2 weeks before classes begin.
  • University of Michigan Printing Services will fulfill student's TEXTPAK orders. (TEXTPAK includes only those materials that are printable; it does not include material links, website or spreadsheet files).
  • The TEXTPAK print format will be standardized (cardstock front and back covers and white 3-hole punch paper).
  • Please email if you will not be able to meet the deadline date or have any questions.

Quick review of what to include with every course material submission:

  • Course Materials Request Form This form provides us with all of the relevant details we need to know to set up the course site correctly. It also includes a way to notifying us that you WILL NOT require a coursepack which will help us determine our production levels.
  • Table of contents/citation page: Cite all items to be included in the course materials. Please identify materials being used for the first time, and provide specific copyright instructions if known.
  • Electronically submit materials: email a Kresge Course Material Coordinator or use M+box or drop box to If electronic files are not available, submit hard copies to staff directly: Debie Gurkin, Fred Jablonski, Emily Schlaack, or Halley Todd or contact one of us to come to your office. NOTE: also include cases, simulations or any other special requests that need to be coordinated in the cost. Please identify if they will need to be distributed in the course site or as a hard copy handout; include the date needed/used in the course.
  • Please contact a Kresge Course Material Coordinator if you will not be able to meet the deadline date or have any questions.
  • Please ALLOW emails from - otherwise important emails might go to your SPAM folder.

Course Reserves Submission

Course Reserves are available at the Shapiro Library (University Reserves collection located within Askwith Media Library) Please see this page for more information

Case Vendors

Most case vendors offer educators access to preview cases and teaching notes. Some require you to register on their website to get educator access. Your librarian liaison or Debie Gurkin can assist you with finding cases, simulations or other curriculum material relevant to your course needs.

Popular case vendors:


The University of Michigan Copyright Office has created or collaborated on several library guides on copyright with respect to topics such as the basics of copyright, fair use, writing your dissertation, or how to seek copyright permission. Please see the Mlibrary page for more information.

DVDs for Instructional Use

Instructional DVDs are available to the Ross School of Business Faculty and Staff from the Askwith Media Library (part of the Shapiro Undergraduate Library).

Search the Askwith Media Library for videos

Options for Using Film in Courses including copyright information and using screening rooms.

Streaming Video for Instructors

CTools Support

Kresge Library Digital Services staff and Kresge Course Materials Coordinators provide local support for CTools.  For assistance, please email

Primary campus-wide support is provided at CTools headquarters by contacting or call (734)764-4357.

Assignment and Exam Program

A central office, located in the Kresge Annex, open ~30 hours/week, where students can pick up assignments and view exams in a secure, supervised manner by Kresge staff. Faculty will receive more information prior to each term. This service was formerly piloted by Ross Faculty Support. Three primary functions are as follows:

  • Assignment Return: Many faculty members currently hand back assignments during class, but many would rather find a way to do this without using class time. For these items, an ID (MCard or Driver's License) is shown to the staff member and the assignment is given back to the student for them to keep.
  • Completed Exam Viewing (students view only): Many faculty members (especially for core classes) do not hand back completed exams, instead only posting the grades. Should a student want to see how he or she did in the particular exam, they will allow students to view the exam for a short period of time (around 15 minutes or less) where they can review what they did. They are not allowed to copy the exam or remove it from the space.
  • Completed Exam Return (students keep): Some faculty members hand back completed exams and can use this service instead of class time. Similar to the assignment return, an ID (MCard or Driver's License) is shown to the staff member and the assignment is given back to the student for them to keep.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact us.

Instruction Sessions

Faculty can arrange one-one instruction sessions, as well as sessions specific to a department or course. Kresge librarians will meet with you to discuss your or students' research needs, and Kresge staff can create custom guide pages to support your students' projects.  Please contact Sally Ziph for more information.

Have a question, technical issue, comment, or suggestion? Contact us.