Dividend Historical Issues

Dividend v21n1 Vol. 21, No.1 - Winter 1990
MBA PLUS The Michingan Joint Degree Program

How 21 Men Got Global in 35 Days
Tensions in the Transition to a Market Economy
Citibank/Michigan Inaugurate "Joint Venture"
"This Place Is Screaming Business"
Rugby as a Metaphor
B School Sets Up Agressive New Growth Fund
Dollars for Scholars
Focus on the Alumni Society Board of Governors
The Case of the Missing Galley
Among Ourselves
Faculty News Notes
Class Notes
Dividend v21n2 Vol. 21, No.2 - Spring 1990
"Go Blue" for the Sunrunner

High Leverage and Stock Market Pressures on Management - The Harris Center Forum
The Leveraged Buyout
One That Worked
... And One That Didn't
Notes From the Real World
Managing Growth in More Ways Than One
Entrepreneurship - What Is It?
Dollars for Scholars
Seperating Vision from Wishful Thinking
Michigan in the Media
Three Cheers for Our Volunteers
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v21n3 Vol. 21, No.3 - Fall 1990
The First National Summer Minority Institute

Dean Whitaker Becomes U-M Provost
Managing Turbulence, Downsizing and Decline
A Trial Run for the Ph.D. in Business
The David Plaza
U-M's Solar Car Wins GM Sunrayce USA
Michigan in Brussels
And Now, Groupware!
Michigan in the Media
The Game in the Mind of the Manager
Among Ourselves
Faculty News Notes
Class Notes
Dividend v22n1 Vol. 22, No.1 - Winter 1991
Michigan in Poland

The Mitsui Life Financial Research Center
Michigan in Poland - A Special Section
- In Poland, "Business as Usual" Never Is
- Giving Our Students a Head Start
- Making the Polish Connection
- Our Man in Ann Arbor
Introducing a New Tool for Competitiveness
How Do You Spend Your Time? It Depends on Where You Live
The Business School at Commerce Park
Where is the Riskiest Real Estate in the U.S.?
Dollars for Scholars
Alumni Reunion Weekend
Michigan in the Media
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v22n2 Vol. 22, No.2 - Spring 1991
B. Joseph White Becomes Dean

Working on a Two-Way Street Trying to Slay the "Ism" Beast
Designing a Course on Global Interdependance
Upping the Odds on Success
New Center for International Business Education
So! What Do You Want to Do With Your Life?
William A. Paton Dies at 101
Backruptcies, Workouts and Turnarounds
Among Ourselves
Karl Pearson Dies at 82
Class Notes
Dividend v22n3 Vol. 22, No.3 - Fall 1991
"Hands On" Characterizes New Curriculum

Sitting at the Intersection Between Two Real Worlds
The Case Method - In Living Color
Dollars for Scholars
The Michigan-Navy Connection
OM 610: Real Problems for Students, Real Solutions for Companies
There's Never Enough Money, and Time is Fixed
The World and the Curriculum: A Workshop
Room Service
The Eight Annual Pryor Award Winners
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v23n1 Vol. 23, No.1 - Winter 1992
On Changing the Way Companies Compete

Executive Education Programs: A Sampler
A Report Card on the Top Ten - How Business Week Crunched the Numbers
Volatility in Financial Markets
Going Small But Learning Big
Stay Alive 'Til '95
Focus on Manufacturing
Dollars for Scholars
Listening to the Customer
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Mark Your Calendars!
Dividend v23n2 Vol. 23, No.2 - Spring/Summer 1992
$30 Million Gift Creates World-Class Institute

An Investment in the Future
"This Is No Small Task"
"Teach a Man to Fish and You Feed Him Forever"
Workshops for a Competitive Edge
Ringing Up Success
Two Important Books from the CIS Department
B-School Alumni Establish Pan-European Club
Brad Keywell is Both a Dreamer and a Doer
Alumni Add Expertise to Diversity Forum
Problems and Projects for EC '92
What a Colorful World!
Michigan in the Media
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Mark Your Calendars!
Dividend v23n3 Vol. 23, No.3 - Fall 1992
Putting Theory into Practice with MAP

Putting Theory Into Practice With MAP
Quick on Your Feet
BBA Students Win Ninth Pryor Award
Dollars for Scholars
Vision in Action
Business and the Environment: A Special Section
Two Gifts Launch the Corporate Environmental Management Initiative
Business and the Environment - A Time for Creative Coexistance
How Green Production Might Sustain the World
Manufacturing and the Environment
New Courses Link Business and the Environment
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Mark Your Calendars!
Dividend v24n1 Vol. 24, No.1 - Winter 1993
Small Wins in Organizational Life

Three New Chairs Established
D. Maynard Phelps Dies at 95
Revolutionizing Management Education in the '90s
Plunging in Feet First
On Getting a Global Mindset
The Maize and Blue in Russia
Executive Education Expands to Hong Kong
"ShrEdit" Research Yields Unexpected Results
Alumni Board Hears About Alumni-Student Projects
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v24n2 Vol. 24, No.2 - Summer 1993
Nice Going, Russell!

An Uneasy (but Productive) Alliance
Selling Apple Pie in Japan
About Moxie, Vision and Hope
Here Come the City Clubs
Change or Die
Seven-Week "Cycle Time" Gives Innovation a Push
Three for the Money (and for the Fun)
Egg Drop
The Dimensions of Mentoring
Good News for Business Reporting
Davidson Institute Launches New Partnership Programs
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Last Word
Dividend v24n3 Vol. 24, No.3 - Fall 1993
Scholars in the Making

How Do New Companies Get Started and Grow?
Second Mitsui Symposium Held in Tokyo
New Alumni Clubs in Europe and Chicago Hold Kick-off Events
Learning Strategic Issues in Europe
Dollars for Scholars
The Korean Connection
The Spirit of the Cloth
Ph.D. Profiles
The Place of Research in the Business School
Among Ourselves
Alumni Board Welcomes Eight New Members
Class Notes
Dividend v25n1 Vol. 25, No.1 - Winter 1994
Meet the Domestic MBA Corps

Distance Learning Takes Off
The Domestic MBA Corps - Working to Solve Problems at Home
Ways to Succeed in Business in a Transitional Economy
Winning in Japan
Grace Under Pressure
Japan Technology Program Receives $1.3 Million in New Funding
Real Estate Forum Considers Suburban vs. Downtown Development
Alumni Activities
Among Ourselves
Eugene Power Dies at 88
Class Notes
Dividend v25n2 Vol. 25, No.2 - Spring/Summer 1994
Celebrating 25 Years of Dividend!

Guideposts Through the Mindfield
No Uncomplicated Questions
Dawewoo Chairman Speaks to Capacity Crowd
Just-In-Time Training Adds Value to MBA
The Michigan Business School in Southeast Asia
Talking About the Trade-off Between Jobs and the Environment
Business School Faculty Participate in CEW Women's Leadership Project
Alumni Activities
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v25n3 Vol. 25, No.3 - Fall 1994
Introducing the American Customer Satisfaction Index

MBA Perspectives - 10 Years Later
School Commits $1 Million to Alumni-Managed Growth Funds
Project: Africa
Straddling Two Fields for the Sake of Competitiveness
Second Annual Women's Forum Considers Leadership Choices
New Davidson Journalism Fellow Helps Educate Readers in the Czech Republic
Students Visit Ten Companies During First Asia Study Tour
Alumni Activities
Among Ourselves
Cass Notes

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