Dividend Historical Issues

Dividend v16n1 Vol. 16, No.1 - January 1985
An Old Hand at Taking Risks

Meet Dr. Kaichi Shimura
Retooling the Manufacturing Environment
Library Director Carol Holbrook Dies at 50
The MBA: Some Are More Equal Than Others
University Consulting Group: In Search of Experience
Lifestyle Trade-offs, Role Issues, and How to Get a Job
Among Ourselves
Three Students Win First Pryor Entrepreneurial Award
Professor Merwin Waterman Dies at 80
Fiftieth Reunion - Class of '34
Class Notes
Dividend v16n2 Vol. 16, No.2 - April 1985
Celebrate: The Buildings and the People

Celebrate: The Business Leadership Award
Celebrate: The Education of Managers: New Direction?
Celebrate: The People
Celebrate: The Buildings
How 195,000 Books and 1,200 Periodicals Migrated from One Building to Another with (Almost) No Hitches
Celebrate: The Donars
How to Gift Wrap a Building
Among Ourselves
Dividend v16n3 Vol. 16, No.3 - July 1985
Teaching Ethics - Where Do You Draw the Line?

Is It a Good Idea to Teach Ethics at the Business School?
Getting Into the Nitty Gritty
An Issue of the Heart
Where do you Draw the Line
The Ambiguities of Bribery
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v17n1 Vol. 17, No.1 - January 1986
Global Blue! Keep in Touch

Business and the Press: A Strategic View
Global Blue!
Speakers from the World
Pass It On
Aiming for the Fast Track
The (Executive) Family Album
"Some of Us Are Even Humble"
Professor of Finance Thomas Gies Dies
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
BBA Mom and MBA Daughter Talk About How Times Have Changes
Dividend v17n2 Vol. 17, No.2 - April 1986
MBA Internships

Alumni Weekend
Building a Healthy Career: What You Won't Hear from Your Family Doctor
"My Worst Mistake Was That I Didn't Think Big Enough"
Among Ourselves
Look What's Happened to the Old Library Reading Room!
Class Notes
Dividend v17n3 Vol. 17, No.3 - September 1986
The Executive Residence: A Pictorial Tour

Not Just a Pipe Dream
Regina Guzior Becomes First Blind BBA
Meet Our Alumni Board of Governors
McCracken "Retires"
Global Blue! (Continued)
Global Blue! Regional Representatives
The Early Days
Faculty News Notes
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v18n1 Vol. 18, No.1 - February 1987
The Global Marketplace

Introducing the Visiting Committee
Leadership, Leadership and Leadership - A Drama in Three Acts
How to Turn a Train Around
Banking Program Shifts Its Focus to Industry in Transition
Alumni Weekend
Among Ourselves
Faculty News Notes
Class Notes
Dividend v18n2 Vol. 18, No.2 - June 1987
The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management

Global Ethics: Our Responsibility
Managing Downside Up and Sideways
Is There Enough Business to Go Around?
Among Ourselves
The Consortium Comes of Age
Two MBA Students Use Their Skills for the Humane Society
Unisys Publishes Booklet About Its Partnership with the B School
Faculty News Notes
Four Michigan MBAs are Featured in Business Week
Dividend v18n3 Vol. 18, No.3 - Fall 1987
Mergers and Acquisitions: A Special Report on the First Program of the J. Ira Harris Center for the Study of Corporate Finance

What Is Happening at the SEC and in Congress?
Developments on the Legislative and Judicial Fronts
A Program for Takeover Reform
Commentary #1
Mergers from the Perspectives of a Chief Executive Officer
Managing Acquisitions and Dispositions for Shareholder Value
Commentary #2
Current Developments in Restructuring
The International Merger Market
Recent Trends in the Leveraged Buy-Out
Directors' Responsibilities With Respect to Takeovers
Commentary #3
Pictures at the Reception
Among Ourselves
Faculty News Notes
Class Notes
Dividend v19n1 Vol. 19, No.1 - Winter 1988
Real Estate Forum/The Post-Reagan Economy

The Real Estate Forum:
- Revenues, the Deficit, and Plain Fair Dealing
- In a Changing Environment, Do What You Do Best
- Demographics: Changing the Real Estate Equation
- End Game: The Crest Has Passed
Professort Paton Chosen Outstanding Educator of the Century
Black Monday
High Rankings for the Business School
Dollars for Scholars
Alumni Weekend
The Post-Reagan Economy
- Three Sources of Imbalance on teh International Economic Scene
- Some Trends in the Economy and Where They're Taking Us
- The Changing Regulatory Environment
- Questions and Answers on the Post-Reagan Economy Among Ourselves
Faculty News Notes
Class Notes
Dividend v19n2 Vol. 19, No.2 - Fall 1988
The Failure of Success: How Good Becomes Bad

Failure 101
On Negotiating with the Japanese People
Marc Bomze, BBA '53, Makes Drastic Career Change
AIDS: Politics and Science
Entrepreneurship: Bane or Blessing?
Among Ourselves
Faculty News Notes
B Student Turns 60-Page Term Paper into a Downtown Cafe
Class Notes
Dividend v19n3 Vol. 19, No.3 - June 1988
Third World Debt

Third World Debt: A Forum
- Not a Liquidity Crisis, But a Structural Crisis
- Current Overview of the Restructuring Process
- A Regional Bank's Perspective: What is the Problem That Needs Fixing?
- Debt Management: A Hard Look at Realities
- Some Dilemmas in Accounting for LDC Debt
- A Question of Emphasis: The Politics of Servicing Debt
Dollars for Scholars
Indroducing the William A. Paton Fund Advisory Board
Among Ourselves
Global Blue Contact List
Class Notes
Black Executives Talk to Students About Wall Street and Careers
Dividend v20n1 Vol. 20, No.1 - Winter 1989
"Tree Spirit" in the Executive Residence

Hiring the Best and the Brightest
Alumni Weekend Features Panel Discussion on Quality
New Sculpture in the Executive Residence
Here's a Club for Students Who Love Cars
The Real Estate Forum
- How Many Niches Are There?
- Who Pays? Four Core Trends
- Three Significant Imbalances That Affect Real Estate
- Trends in Real Estate Financing
- The Break-Out Sessions: Lots to Think About
Business Week Survey Ranks Michigan Business School 6th in the Nation
Among Ourselves
Professor Philip Wernette Dies at 84
Class Notes
Dividend v20n2 Vol. 20, No.2 - Spring 1989
10 Great Years

The Role of the Entrepreneur in Society
The Biggest Garage Sale in Town
Ten Great Years - A Special Section A Year for "Maintenance of the Mind"
Eating Well in the Executive Residence
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v20n3 Vol. 20, No.3 - Fall 1989
Lipton on Takeovers/Paton's 100th Birthday

Corporate Governance: Major Issues for the 1990s
Dollars for Scholars
Ethics, Balance, and the "G" Word
A Celebration of Failure
Happy 100th Birthday, Professor Paton!
Harris Center Forum Considers Four Controversial Questions
Among Ourselves
Faculty News Notes
Class Notes

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