Dividend Historical Issues

Dividend v11n1 Vol. 11, No.1 - Fall 1979
Changes, 1979

What Now?
The Minicomputer and 3 Major Tasks
Summer Jobs
Among Ourselves
A Dollar is a Dollar is a Dollar, But It Cleary Isn't, Isn't, Isn't
Please Tell Us About Yourself!
Dividend v11n2 Vol. 11, No.2 - Winter 1980
Dividend's Sketch Book

The Dollar (Almost) Nobody Likes
Learning from Experience
No Surpises
Among Ourselves
How to Get a Crane Out of a Hole
Class Notes
Dividend v11n3 Vol. 11, No.3 - Spring 1980
Special Issue: Internal Control

Rocks and Shoals for Corporate Executives
Avoiding Rocks and Shoals: Internal Control in US Corporations
Corporate Executives and Goverment Regulators: Can They Every Work Together?
Mutterings and Musings - Reflections on the Interviews with Top Executives
Is Your Computer Out of Control?
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v12n1 Vol. 12, No.1 - Fall 1980
How to Get a Good Idea

What Have We Done for You Lately?
Inflation: The Economic, Social and Political Challenge
Worthy Questions
New Endowed Professorship Established at School
Money Makes the World Go 'Round
Among Ourselves
"Like it or not we will be 'A Michigan Person'"
Class Notes
Dividend v12n2 Vol. 12, No.2 - Winter 1981
How to Say Nothing Well

Working For Hitachi, LTD.
Putting an Elephant Into a Box
Hard Times at U. of M.
Aiming for the Fast Track
Rounding Out the Picture
What Have the Japanese Got That We Haven't?
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v12n3 Vol. 12, No.3 - Spring 1981
Help It's Not Working

Dividend Round Table on Productivity
Managing the Defense Department: Why It Can't Be Done
Laziness: Is It Real?
Reversing the Decline in American Productivity
Productivity and Tax Incentives
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v13n1 Vol. 13, No.1 - Fall 1981
Dividend's People

Pete Dendrinos, BBA '51
Tom Schuler, BBA '79
Aguust Bolino, BBA '48
Craig Patterson, MBA '70
Cleveland Christophe, MBA '67
Sandy Mann, BBA '77
David Merriman, MBA '36
George Hopper, BBA '57
Power Foundation Scholarship
Nancy Zak, MBA '79
Donald Bowman, Ph.D. '72
Bob Gilhooley, BBA '66
Bob Klagsted, BBA '49
James (Beau) Keyte, MBA '76
Bill Frieder, BBA '64
John Keck, MBA '57
Peggy Becker, BBA '65
Norman Auerbach, AB '41, MBA '47
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v13n2 Vol. 13, No.2 - Winter 1982
Seeing with the Inner Eye

Seeing With the Inner Eye
What's the Mission?
Working on the Railroad
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v13n3 Vol. 13, No.3 - Spring 1982
Planning for the Lean Years

Shifting Twenty Million Dollars
Who Gets Ahead in a Japanese Corporation?
No More Niches
Among Ourselves
"Money Won't Be a Problem. Time Will"
Class Notes
Dividend v14n1 Vol. 14, No.1 - Fall 1982
We're on Our Way!

How to Love What You Do
What's A Buyer To Do?
Five Differences That Will Change the World
Among Ourselves
New Program for Minority High School Students
You Don't Want to Buy a Horse That's Not Breathing
Sales of Goods Under Soviet Law
Class Notes
Dividend v14n2 Vol. 14, No.2 - Winter 1983
Starting Small and Growing Big: The Essentials of Managing Growth

Fred Alger
Thomas Monaghan
C.H. Rubin
A Matter of Money
Diane Brown, MBA '80, and Genex
James Tann, MBA '67, and National Semiconductor
We're Two Thirds of the Way There!
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Washington Campus
Dividend v14n3 Vol. 14, No.3 - Summer 1983
How Relevant for Finding the Right Answers Are All Those Tools You Acquired Along with your BBA or MBA or Ph.D.?

Balancing the Books With The Business
Cil Whitaker on "Focus"
The Michigan Connection
Higher and Higher!
Mr. Smith Comes to Town
The Merging No-Fault Society
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
$3.5 Million to Go!
Dividend v15n1 Vol. 15, No.1 - Fall 1983
The Inside Story on the Business School

Shifting Gears in China
Who's In Charge Here? You or Your Computer?
Among Ourselves
"It's a Shame You Are So Able Bodied..."
Class Notes
Eighty Six Percent!
Dividend v15n2 Vol. 15, No.2 - Winter 1984
Chess and the Scient(Art?) of Research in to Corporate Strategy

Managing Tensions in the Multinational Corporation
Strategy and the Creation of Shareholder Wealth
The Management of Innovation: New Ventures and Diversification
We're Almost There!
Far Away in the Hamburger Palace
How Others See Us
Among Ourselves
Class Notes
Dividend v15n3 Vol. 15, No.3 - Summer 1984
MBA Perspectives

The Computer as Pandora's Box
A Quiet Mover and Shaker
Paton's Puzzles
Among Ourselves
Campaign Reaches $14.5 Million
Class Notes

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