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UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) // New Delhi, India

The government of India has set up the UIDAI to design and issue a 12-digit individual electronic identification number to every resident of the country over the next four to five years, with one of the goals being to empower poor and underprivileged residents. The underlying premise is that such identification will enable all residents to access services such as formal banking systems, healthcare, education, and employment provided by both the government and private sector. The student team was assigned a project to understand the end-to-end process of enrolling new residents for issuing these numbers and identify new opportunities for building application ecosystems for specific areas such as financial payment, education, and employment.

The student team studied the end-to-end UID process and documented the technical and social architecture of the UID initiative. Through their field work in India that included visits to rural enrollment centers and other partner organizations in the cities, the student team arrived at specific recommendations on how to build UID as a platform for applications in specific areas. They also made suggestions for improvement in the current UID process in areas such as partner engagement.

Team Members: Nupur Bagaria, Sachin Chiramel, Tawruss Sellars, Shelley Zhang

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"The MAP team actively interacted and engaged with the UIDAI during their stay here with their focus on the application ecosystem and recommendations for its development. I hope they have gained from the exposure and have seen the challenges of implementing a large project with scale, speed, and accuracy. Their insights in the report, I am sure, would be useful for the UIDAI. I wish them the best in their endeavors."
Nandan Nilekani // Chairman of UIDAI, India