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Bharti Airtel // New Delhi, India

Bharti Airtel launched "Airtel-Money," a new, mass-market business service in India through innovative business models on ordinary mobile phones. The MAP team was assigned a project to study the customer experience and market adoption of this service. The scope of the project was then expanded to explore potential new markets for this mobile money platform.

The student team interacted with the users of this service and studied the customer experience across various market segments. The team also interacted with various channel partners of Airtel and identified specific areas of improvement. By fully understanding Airtel Money’s business model and how the parent company, Bharti Airtel, supports this business, the student team made recommendations related to user experience improvements, migrant worker marketing, and guidance for motivating retailers to sell Airtel Money. Additionally, a new pilot program with taxi drivers was devised by the MAP team to explore a new market for Airtel Money in a specific context.

Team Members: Miguel Flores, Lemu Coker, Maggie Ly, Sara Perelli-Minetti

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"MAP was by far the best experience I've had in business school. The work was real and impactful, the team was diverse and collaborative, and the cultural experience was unforgettable. We were so fortunate to have worked at Bharti Airtel. In four short weeks, I learned the challenges and advantages of working at a massivecorporation with a passionate entrepreneurial spirit."
Maggie Ly // MBA '13