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U-M Campus-Wide Student Clubs

For all undergraduate students, getting involved in student organizations offers an exciting opportunity to broaden your activities outside of your daily coursework and meet other students who share the same interests as you do.

For students who wish to travel on our programs and are not in the Ross School of Business, we suggest you search for student organizations via the Maize Pages. We recommend you look for student organizations with business or international focuses.

Outside of the University, you may wish to look into ThinkImpact, a global social enterprise that runs full immersion programs for college students and professional groups in rural Africa. ThinkImpact is headquartered in Denver, CO and currently offers programs in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Rwanda.

For students interested in ThinkImpact's partnership with Ross, please note that their applications are due December 6, 2013. Please click here for more information! Additionally, for a link to a recent ThinkImpact webinar regarding the program, please click here.