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Costa Rica
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May International Courses

Ross May international courses enable undergraduates with an interest in international business to spend three weeks abroad during May in several different countries. With programs in China, Costa Rica, Germany, Slovakia, and more under development, the potential to broaden one's academic and cultural horizons are limitless.

97% of students reported an enhanced understanding of Costa Rican culture.

These courses offer students the opportunity to have an international experience at Ross without interfering with their course of study or summer internship possibilities. Each trip focuses on a specific academic theme and combines a mix of lectures, company visits, and cultural exploration into a high-paced and rewarding course. Instruction in English will familiarize students with the business culture, history, economic environment, and foreign-investment dynamics of the host country.

This year, Ross Global Initiatives is offering four different May International course opportunities. For more information, please see the brief descriptions below along with links to the full brochures and applications on M-Compass:

Hong Kong and Shanghai, China:

Immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and flourishing business environment. Learn about Chinese economy, business strategy, history, and culture with lectures from Professor Minyuan Zhao, Chinese university faculty and company leaders. Incorporate this knowledge into action-based projects. Explore the sites of Hong Kong and Shanghai and trek across The Great Wall on a weekend trip to Beijing.

Koblenz, Germany and Bratislava, Slovakia:

See first-hand the contrast between the highly-developed German economy and the emerging post-Communism Slovakian business culture, visit the World Bank and multinational companies, and explore the stunning cultural and historic sites of Bratislava and northwest Germany.

Milan, Italy:

Venture to Italy with Professor Cindy Schipani and examine the legal issues that every entrepreneur and manager should know to make good business decisions in the global environment. With Bocconi University faculty and students, learn about Italian business law, political history, and economy. Speak with Italian entrepreneurs. Take in the timeless sights and enjoy a weekend trip in Rome.

San Jose, Costa Rica:

Discover how businesses can effectively engage in sustainable practices and implement positive environmental change. Work with students and faculty from the prestigious INCAE Business School, learn about the Latin American business culture, engage in community service projects, visit innovative Costa Rican companies, and explore the beautiful rainforests.

“I had an absolutely amazing time on this trip and would highly recommend it to anyone at Ross, regardless of whether or not you are interested in international business. In three weeks, I learned an entire semester’s worth of incredible, interesting, and useful knowledge pertaining to China and the Chinese economy.”
~  Taylor Williams, China 2013