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International Study and Internship Programs

The Ross Global Initiatives Study and Intern Abroad Program is eight weeks, combining two weeks of class time in-country with six weeks of work at highly reputable international companies and organizations. Class time includes lectures, cultural site visits, and company visits in the host country. Instruction in English familiarizes students with the business culture, history, economic environment, and foreign-investment dynamics of the host country. The internship placement is determined by the student's interests and career goals.

This combination of classroom and action-based professional experience abroad is invaluable for students looking for workplace experience, networking, and resume-building opportunities as well as top-quality academic instruction. In addition, working abroad often offers the deepest and most effective opportunity to build cultural competency, an ability highly prized in the current marketplace.

For more detailed information about Ross study and intern programs, please see the brief descriptions below along with links to the full brochures and applications on M-Compass:

Hong Kong, China

Do something different this summer. An internship in Hong Kong can give you a professional edge in the global business environment. A two and a half week course on Hong Kong culture and business is followed by a six-week internship at a top multinational company.

Sydney, Australia

Set yourself apart in the global careers race with an internship in Sydney. For the first two and half weeks, learn about Australian business culture, political history, economy, and professional etiquette then begin a six week-long internship at a multinational company or organization in Sydney.