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American Culture Studies

  • Advertising & Society Review

    This electronic journal aims to look at the link between advertisements and the effect they have on our worldwide culture. Contributing authors come from a wide background of academia including political science, antropology, historians, economists, and cutlural studies.

  • American Film Institute

    The American Film Institute (AFI) is the nation's preeminent arts organization dedicated to advancing and preserving the art of the moving image. Since 1967, AFI has served as America's voice for film, television, video, and the digital arts, with innovative programs in education, training, exhibition, preservation, and new technology.

  • American Journalism Review

    This site contains over 18,000 links to newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and news services worldwide. In addition, all of the online versions of the major US cities' newspapers can be located by following links from this master site.

  • American Sociological Association

    The American Sociological Association (ASA), founded in 1905, is a non-profit membership association dedicated to advancing sociology as a scientific discipline and profession serving the public good. With over 13,200 members, ASA encompasses sociologists who are faculty members at colleges and universities, researchers, practitioners, and students.

  • Anthropological Web Resources

    This site contains extensive anthropological resources with a "special emphasis on visual anthropology and media."

  • Association for America's Public Television Stations

    As a non profit organization, the APTS' mission is to support the continued growth of a strong and financially sound noncommercial television service for the American public.

  • Black Film Center/Archive

    The Black Film Center/Archive (BFC/A) is a repository of films and related materials by and about African Americans.

  • Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc

    Cambridge Documentary Films is a non-profit organization that has been making award-winning films and videos for over twenty years.

  • Center for the Study of Language and Information

    Founded in 1983 by researchers from Stanford University, SRI International, and Xerox PARC, CSLI is devoted to research in the emerging science of information, computing, and cognition. This new science had its origins in the late 1970s as computer scientists, linguists, logicians, philosophers, psychologists, and artificial intelligence researchers, seeking solutions to problems in their own disciplines, turned to one another for help.

  • Cinefex

    Cinefex is a publication and web resource focused on disseminating information about and advancing the art of cinematic special effects. Topics include CGI, digital animation, and emerging technologies.

  • Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine

    Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine, which ran issues from May 1994 to January 1999, reported about people, events, technology, public policy, culture, practices, study, and applications related to human communication and interaction in online environments.

  • Cyberspace and Web Sociology

    The SocioSite is designed to get access to information and resources that are relevant for sociologists and other social scientists. It has been designed from a global point of view - it gives access to the worldwide scene of social sciences. The intention is to provide a comprehensive listing of all sociology resources on the Internet.

  • Design Management Institute

    DMI's objectives are five-fold. They aspire to help design managers become leaders in their profession, make accessible a body of knowledge educate managers and policy makers sponsor, promote, and conduct research and advocate for the economic and cultural importance of design.

  • Early Stages of Soviet and American Radio Broadcasting

    Discovered in early nineteen hundreds, radio promissed to be the most influential technology of the twentieth century. Because of the amazing speed, reliability, as well as the relatively low cost of communication, it became widely used by governments and private enterprises all over the world. This site examines development of radio broadcasting in the United States and the (newborn then) Soviet Union.

  • EMRL

    The Experimental Media Research Laboratory has been working in media of all types since 1993, primarily focusing on the time-based arts such as audio and video. Their experienced staff now offers services in many fields of media, including all facets of film/video and audio production, graphic design, screen printing, photo and film archiving and restoration, 3d modeling and animation, and more.


    FACSNET is a service for journalists provided by FACS in partnership with the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

  • Film Festival Server

    The Film Festival Server--Links to information on film festivals around the world.

  • Film.com

    This is a web site designed to keep its viewers up-to-date on the most current information about the film world including the latest news and information.

  • Graphic Artists Guild

    The Graphic Artists Guild is committed to improving conditions for all creators of graphic art and raising standards for the entire industry. It is a union that embraces creators of graphic art at all levels of skill and expertise who create works of graphic art intended for presentation as originals or reproductions.

  • International Visual Communication Association

    The International Visual Communication Association (IVCA) works to promote the role of commissioners, producers and the support industries which provide corporate visual communication. With roots in video, film, business events, equipment and hire industries, the Association has also developed significant representation of the new and fast growing technologies, notably business television, digital communications, interactive media and the Internet.

  • Internet Movie Database

    The Internet Movie Database is an international volunteer effort whose objective is to provide useful and up to date movie information *freely* available on-line, across as many systems and platforms as possible. It currently covers over 50,000 movies with over 650,000 filmography entries and is expanding continuously.

  • Journal of Computer Mediated Communication

    This site discusses the role of computers in the marketplace and numerous other facets of everyday life. Research material here discusses controversial issues like using the Internet as a forum for communication with strangers.

  • Journal of  Information Science

    "This journal serves as a forum for new research in information transfer and communication processes in general, and in the context of recorded knowledge in particular. Concerns include the generation, recording, distribution, storage, representation, retrieval, and dissemination of information, as well as its social impact and management of information agencies."

  • Journal of Visual Communication

    The Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation publishes papers on state-of-the-art visual communication and image representation, with emphasis on novel technologies and theoretical work in this multidisciplinary area of pure and applied research.

  • Linguistic Data Consortium

    The linguistic data consortium is an international, non-profit supporting language-related education, research and technology development by creating and sharing linguistic resources including data, tools, and standards.

  • Making Sense of Metaphors: Visuality, Aurality and the Reconfiguration of American Legal Discourse

    A study of visual and aural metaphors in American law and legal language.

  • Mastery InSight Institute

    This is a brief dialogue taken from the Mastery InSight Institute that discusses advertising's effect on the American consumer.

  • Nation's Forum Collection

    The Nation's Forum Collection consists of fifty-nine sound recordings of speeches by American leaders at the turn of the century. The speeches focus on issues and events surrounding the First World War and the subsequent presidential election of 1920. Speakers include: Warren G. Harding, James Cox, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Samuel Gompers, Henry Cabot Lodge, and John J. Pershing. Speeches range from one to five minutes.

  • NetB2B

    NetB2B is Advertising Age's digital online publication of the marketing revolution; it contains many links and additional information about the most current information in the marketing world.

  • New York University Media Research Lab

    The Media Research Laboratory is exploring techniques that allow people to use the computer as a tool to share ideas, express creativity, interact and communicate in new ways. The research is aimed at providing bridges between people and computers, to enable any member of society to join the digital community.

  • Radio Program Archive

    This collection, housed in the Learning Media Center at the University of Memphis, contains thousands of examples of radio programs. This is a representative sampling of most series and shows. You can obtain audio cassettes of these radio programs for your own private study, scholarship, research or teaching.

  • Radio Locator

    This is a site that provides over 9000 links to radio stations throughout the world.

  • RadioSpace

    RadioSpace is radio's home on the Internet, a resource for radio station programming and news staff where one may find ready-for-broadcast sound bites, news and programming as well as links to radio stations, networks and cool radio resources.

  • Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies

    The Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies is an online, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to research, study, teach, support, and create diverse and dynamic elements of cyberculture.

  • Social Sciences Servers from the World Wide Web Virtual

    This site contains links to leading information facilities across the Internet in the field of Social Sciences.

  • Society for News Design

    SND has more than 2,500 members in more than 50 countries: publishers, editors, designers, artists, photographers, managers, students and faculty who design newspapers, magazines and Web pages. SND is dedicated to improving news presentation and design in all media.

  • Television News Archive

    Since August 5th. 1968, The Television News Archive has systematically recorded, abstracted, and indexed national television newscasts. The Archive's monthly publication, "Television News Index and Abstracts," is a guide to its collection of videotapes. The text of these abstracts are now available on this server.

  • The Information Society (TIS) journal

    The Information Society (TIS) journal, published since 1981, is a key critical forum for leading edge analysis of the impacts, policies, system concepts, and methodologies related to information technologies and changes in society and culture. Some of the key information technologies include computers and telecommunications; the sites of social change include homelife, workplaces, schools, communities and diverse organizations, as well as new social forms in cyberspace.

  • Theory and Method in American/Cultural Studies

    This bibliography offers an historical survey of and an introduction to work on theory and method in American Studies.

  • VideoMaker

    VideoMaker's mission is to democratize and enrich television by educating, inspiring, and informing end-users.

  • WGBH/Boston

    WGBH aims to promote the general education of the public by offering television, radio and other telecommunications programs and services that inform, inspire and entertain, so that persons of all ages, origins and beliefs may be encouraged, in an atmosphere of artistic freedom, to learn and appreciate the history, the sciences, the humanities, the fine arts, the practical arts, the music, the politics, the economics, and other significant aspects of the world they live in, and thereby to enrich and improve their lives.

  • Yahoo! Music

    Yahoo! Music is a media company dedicated to creating the premier Internet music site, Yahoo! Music. Yahoo! Music provides music fans with the broadest array of music, music videos and music-related editorial content on the Web, while at the same time giving its visitors a wide selection of streaming audio, the Web's largest collection of music videos, concert listings, exclusive artist features and chats covering all genres of music.


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