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Russell Lundholm: Earnings Surprises Catch Wall Street Analysts Off-Guard (3/22/2005)

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James Hines: State Should Keep the Single Business Tax, But With Changes (5/19/2005)

Thomas Lyon: Alcoa Foundation Grant Will Benefit Erb Institute (12/15/2005)

Joel Slemrod: Wealthy Retirees Opt for Fun in the Sun (6/21/2005)
My Beautiful Tax Reform (12/6/2005)
Working Paper: "My Beautiful Tax Reform" (12/2005)

Valerie Suslow and Margaret Levenstein: International Cooperation is Needed to Regulate Export Cartels (4/6/2005)

Jan Svejnar: Spinoffs and Privatization Affect Firm Performance in Emerging Markets (3/24/2005)
Privatization Fails to Fulfill its Promise in Developing Countries (6/2/2005)
Measuring the "Sheepskin Effect" in the Czech Republic

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Hila Etzion: Coordinated Management Can Boost Dual-Channel Online Sales Revenue (11/14/2005 )

M.S. Krishnan: IT Professionals: Forget Experience, Get an MBA (5/26/2005)

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Sreedhar Bharath and Guojun Wu: Integration Risk Increases Post-Merger Volatility for Acquirers (7/1/2005)

Amy Dittmar: An Alternative Explanation of Why and When Firms Issue Equity (1/12/2005)
Poor Corporate Governance Reduces the Value of Excess Cash (7/6/2005)

Robert Dittmar: Together Cash Flows and Consumption Account for Differences in Asset Returns (2/25/2005)

E. Han Kim and Gerald Davis: Mutual Funds May Bite the Hand That Feeds Them - But Not Always (3/1/2005)
Working Paper: "Would Mutual Funds Bite the Hand that Feeds Them? Business Ties and Proxy Voting" (4/2005)

Amiyatosh Purnanandam: Commercial Banks Benefit by Using Derivatives for Hedging Risk (9/19/2005)

Kathy Yuan: Not All Industries, Firms Benefit from Stock-Market Liberalization (1/4/2005)
Trading Constraints Impact Stock-Price Movements Differentially (3/10/2005)

Lu Zheng: Mutual Funds: The Downside of Introducing B and C Class Shares (7/21/2005)

Lu Zheng and Clemens Sialm: Unobserved Actions of Mutual Funds (11/29/2005)

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David Hess: Member-Elected Trustees Help to Reduce Public Pension-Fund Abuses (11/8/2005)

Dana Muir and Cindy Schipani: Rationalizing Shareholder Protection Laws in the Post-Enron Era (8/25/2005)

Priscilla Rogers: Finding the Appropriate Balance Between Politeness and Self-Assertion (9/14/2005)

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Wayne Baker: Voting Your Values and Moral Visions (4/7/2005)

Gerald Davis: Why Corporate Governance Doesn't Work Like it Should (8/2/2005)

Gerald Davis and E. Han Kim: Mutual Funds May Bite the Hand That Feeds Them - But Not Always (3/1/2005)
Working Paper: "Would Mutual Funds Bite the Hand that Feeds Them? Business Ties and Proxy Voting" (4/2005)

Jane Dutton, Gretchen Spreitzer and Robert Quinn: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...Reflecting on Extraordinary Potential (2/9/2005)

Andrew Hoffman: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Pay Off for Many U.S. Companies (8/11/2005)

Andrew Hoffman and Lloyd Sandelands: Theocentric View of Nature Offers Hope for the Environment (12/22/2005)

Shirli Kopelman: Do Emotions Belong at the Bargaining Table? (10/18/2005)

Robert Quinn: Fundamental Leadership Emerges at Crunch Time (8/29/2005)

Gretchen Spreitzer: Businesses: Models for Peace? (9/7/2005)
Working Paper: "Giving Peace a Chance: Organizational Leadership, Empowerment, and Sustainable Peace" (8/2005)

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Claes Fornell: Plunge in Customer Satisfaction May Spell Trouble for the Economy (2/15/2005)
Consumer Satisfaction Plummets; May Signal Further Economic Slowdown (5/17/2005)
Six-Month Decline Halted in ACSI (8/19/2005)
Slight Uptick in Customer Satisfaction May Not Be Enough to Boost Spending Growth (11/23/2005)
Professor Claes Fornell Addresses Detroit Economic Club (12/12/2005)
Satisfaction with Government Web Sites on The Rise (12/27/2005)
American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Web site

Mrinal Ghosh: Finding the Right Mix Among Firm Resources, Investments and Governance (11/4/2005)

Norbert Schwarz: Beauty is Familiar, Fast Based on Beholder's Experiences (6/14/2005)

Norbert Schwarz and Carolyn Yoon: Warnings About False Claims Often Backfire With Older Consumers (3/7/2005)

Jie Zhang: Why do Consumers Choose Brand A Over Brand B? (5/11/2005)

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Michael Jensen: Dominant Firms Use Inclusive and Exclusive Strategies to Manage Competition (11/2/2005)

Prashant Kale: Timing Impacts Acquisition Value Creation in Emerging Markets (9/29/2005)

Lynn Wooten: African-Americans are Underrepresented on Corporate Boards (2/17/2005)
Moving Beyond Reactive Firing-Squad Mentality (12/2/2005)

Arvids Ziedonis: Startups 'Hold Their Own' in Commercializing Early-Stage Inventions (5/5/2005)

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Wayne Brockbank and Dave Ulrich: Ultimate Measure of HR Initiatives is the Bottom-Line Value They Provide (7/26/2005)

Theresa Welbourne: Firms Look Internally to Improve Performance (1/20/2005)
Confidence and Energy Levels of Business Leaders Are Down (8/18/2005)
Leaders Talk About Executing Strategy (11/28/2005)
Organizational Change Continues to Rise (12/30/2005)

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George Fulton: Job growth expected for Wayne County through 2006 (3/31/2004)
Oakland County Will Rebound with Modest Job Growth (5/2/2005)

Donald Grimes: Knowledge Workers, Not Factory Jobs, Are Key to Prosperity (8/11/2004)

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Ted London: Going Native: Developing Trust, Social Capital Key to Corporate Longevity (8/22/2005)

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