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Business Administration

BA 201 Business Thought and Action
  3 hours Elective Terms Offered: W15, F15, F16
  Cross-listed with: ENTR 390 
  Business Thought and Action --- This course introduces students to business. In this course we foster development of the key skill of learning via reflection on one's own experience. The course will rely heavily on examination of individual organizations or industries from which generalizations can be made. Specific situations will be selected to convey the excitement of business situations, the role of business in society and the global scope of business. The primary purpose of this class is to educate students about the broad range of problems and opportunities that businesses face and the tools and skills that are necessary to face them. A secondary purpose is to show the students the richness of business activity by 'peeling back the onion' via case discussions of situations and companies they have experienced in their lives. Students will gain familiarity with different kinds of information resources: from trade magazines to mass market books to research journals.