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Law, History, Communication

LHC 510 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
  2.25 hours Elective Terms Offered: F13(B)
  Negotiation and Dispute Resolution - LHC 510 is offered during the Fall Term in Ann Arbor. A one-week version of the course is also offered late summer in Bulgaria in conjunction with the Fulbright Commission.

The ability to negotiate effectively is essential to business success. This course emphasizes negotiation strategies and skills that enable managers, functional specialists (for example, in finance, marketing and accounting), consultants, entrepreneurs and others to create and claim value in a manner that enhances long-term business relationships. Among the specific topics in the course are cross-cultural negotiations, legal and ethical frameworks for negotiation, and psychological tools that enhance negotiation effectiveness. The course also includes negotiation strategies and tactics for dispute resolution, including the use of third party processes (such as mediation and arbitration) in resolving business disputes.

This course is complementary to MO 512. Students interested in developing strong negotiation skills are encouraged to take both MO 512 and LHC 510 in either order. LHC 510 is offered as an elective only and does not fulfill the MBA law/ethics requirement.