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Qualitative Data Analysis call

Call for Proposals




University of Michigan


June 8-11, 2009




Organizers: Eric Arnould, University of Wyoming: Markus Giesler, York University, David Wooten, University of Michigan


Contact Person: Eric J Arnould,; phone: 307 766 3723


Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop Rationale


The 2009 Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop addresses two concerns that engage part of our field, 1) lack of sufficient mentoring in the mechanics of qualitative data analysis, and 2) lack of sufficient mentoring in the process of moving from data analysis to representation in publishable manuscripts.


Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop Purpose


The purpose of the Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop is to provide mentoring through concrete discussion of participant concerns that have emerged during analysis of qualitative data.  The intended audience is academic researchers who have engaged or are engaged in qualitative data collection, analysis, and representation. The intended audience is not limited to graduate students. The Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop attempts to serve the workbench concerns of those working with interview, observation, participant observation, netnographic, and photographic data materials.  The Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop is not intended for those without first-hand experience with collecting qualitative data.


Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop Content


The workshop is organized around two elements; presentations by, and mentoring sessions with faculty mentors. Presentations will touch on specific tactics for effective analysis and representation; meeting specific analytic challenges; and, developing rhetorical tactics of representation. Mentoring involves concrete discussions of participant data analysis and representation problems. Mentoring is NOT designed to provide general career counseling or to substitute for proper PhD supervising.


Workshop Presenters

  • Craig Thompson (interview data; theory linking)

  • Dannie Kjeldgaard (multi-site ethnography; global; cross-cultural issues; Europe)

  • David Crockett (class and race issues)

  • Eric Arnould (ethnographic imagination)

  • Hope Schau (long-term data collection; multi-source data)

  • Jonathan Schroeder (aesthetics; presenting research)

  • Linda Scott (representation)

  • Markus Giesler (theory-data dialogue)

  • Rob Kozinets (netnography & popular culture)


Organizational Setup


This is a three day boot camp before the Consumer Culture Theory Conference IV designed to offer maximum energy levels. There will be two to three regular plenary presentation slots by senior faculty per day. We will also include interest group sessions with small groups of students and faculty designed to attack specific issues such as interpretive problems, moving from data to theory and back again, moving from findings to contributions, etc., and one-on-one mentoring sessions between students and faculty.


Enrollment Requirements (who should apply)


Applicants should present a 5 page synopsis of their project. Projects dealing with any aspect of the CCT theoretical space are encouraged. Emerging topics in Transformative Consumer Research, sustainability, or critical marketing thought are equally welcome. Potential participants will submit a proposal to the contact person, Eric Arnould, indicating the state of development of their research, and their specific aims in attending the workshop. The proposal should also address targeted audience, anticipated/executed method, summary of data set, conceptual proposition, theoretical ancestry, anticipated contributions, ideas for the discussion, major challenges encountered, and aims for the workshop.


Cost to Participants


Registration is $450. Lodging is not included. See lodging page of website for information.




Dormitory facilities will be available. Check the lodging page of the CCT Conference website.


Submission Deadline:  March 1, 2009


Notification:  April 1, 2009





Monday June 8th,

Tuesday June 9th

Wednesday June 10th

Thursday June 11th

Arrive Ann Arbor evening

Welcome and Introductions Eric Arnould 0800-0900

Plenary- Dannie Kjeldgaard 0900-1000 (multi-site ethnography)

Plenary-Robert Kozinets 0900-1000 (netnography)


Student introductions  0900-1000

Coffee break 1000-1030

Coffee break 1000-1030


Coffee break 1000-1030

Faculty small-group meetings 1030-1200

Faculty small group meetings 1030-1200


Plenary-Linda Scott 1030-1130 (representation)

One-on-ones meetings 1030-1200 (two 40 minute sessions)

One-on-ones 1030-1200 (Two 40 minute sessions)


Lunch 1200-1300

Lunch 1200-1300

Lunch 1200-1300


Faculty small group meetings 1300-1400

Faculty small group meetings 1300-1400

Plenary-Markus Giesler 1300-1400 (theory-data-theory)


Plenary- Hope Schau 1400-1500 (long term data collection)

Plenary- David Crockett 1400-1500 (ethnography and sociological analysis)

One-on-ones 1500-1630 (Two 40 minute sessions)

Reception 1800-2000

Faculty small group meetings 1500-1700

One-on-ones 1500-1700 (three 40 minute sessions)

Wrap-up, Eric Arnould1630-1700

Dinner 1900-2100

Dinner 1800-1900

Dinner 1800-1900

Join CCT IV Reception


Plenary- Craig Thompson 1930-2030 (theory-data-theory)

Plenary-Jonathan Schroeder 1930-2030 ("Presenting Research")