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Words from IACM President

January 2012 - Message from IACM President

"Peace to the world: A chance to contribute in South Africa 2012"


This time of the year, and at the brink of a new year starting, is for many of us a moment of reflection.


Within the IACM community, most members study, teach and work with conflict, negotiation, mediation from a personal motivation to contribute something positive to society.  And that can be through many ways.  With our upcoming 25th IACM conference in South Africa, several senior members and previous presidents came with the question: can we contribute something concrete to the local community when we come to South Africa?


As surely there is a strong need for knowledge, inspiration and skills development in the South African society.


As the organizing committee, both program chair team and local arrangements team, we would like to make it possible for IACM members to contribute in different ways to the community.  The question is how to contribute.  Here are some ideas:


It is a good tradition at IACM to organize pre- and post-conference workshops.  What about you participating or organizing a workshop for the local community? Doing so voluntarily, might give local leaders the opportunity to exchange ideas, and learn from you.


Also, we hope to offer and attract business leaders to learn and work with you. This could offer opportunities for exchange, and for fund raising as well.


Once we have specific ideas, we can contact local community leaders to create a match.


Please realize we are keen to try and organize these opportunities however we have to get it working! There are no guarantees yet.


My question to you is "are you interested to investing some of your time in working with local communities?


If yes: what is your idea of contributing?


If yes: When would you like to contribute?


Please send your response our to Program chair: Lindy Greer:, or to Martin Euwema (


Another way of contributing to the local community, particularly in the poor parts of the townships, is simply staying at the townships for some days and exploring the beauty and many faces of South Africa out of this environment. You are guest at a family in the townships and they act as your guide if you want. An NGO working for many years already, and winning many prizes for sustainable tourism, is Dreamcathers. I warmly recommended them:

 Warm wishes to you!


Martin Euwema

IACM President




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