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General Commencement Inquiries


Degree Program Specific Inquiries

BBA Program Erika Busch:
Evening MBA Program

Patricia Russo:

Executive MBA Program (AA)
Mark Wagner:
Executive MBA Program (LA)
Lisa Menardi:
Global MBA Program Linda Lillemoen:
MAcc Program Kaci Kegler:
Master of Entrepreneurship Program Anne Perigo:
MBA Program Kate Bonk:
PhD Program Brian Jones:
Weekend MBA Program Patricia Russo:

Other Useful Local Contacts

Ann Arbor Convention & Visitors Bureau 
734 995-7281 / 800 888-9487
Ann Arbor Transportation Authority 734 996-0400
Assistance for Persons with Disabilities
(Ross School Commencement)
Assistance for Persons with Disabilities
(University Spring Commencement)
734 647-6037
Assistance for Persons with Disabilities
(University Graduate Exercises)
734 647-6037
Campus Information Center 734 764-4636
Diploma Office 734 763-9066
Eligibility to participate in
University Graduate Exercises
734 763-0171
Public Safety 734 763-1131
Rackham Graduate School Office
Academic Records & Dissertations
734 763-0171
Records Office 734 764-6280
Transcripts 734 763-9066