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Announcement Cards

Announcement cards and other commencement accessories can be ordered online at

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  • Academic attire is required for all participating graduates.
  • Bachelor's and Master's Academic attire can be ordered beginning in January 2015.
  • Attire can be purchased through Herff Jones online at
  • Attire can also be purchased at the following two local bookstores, but it might be different from the attire purchased from Herff Jones:
    • Michigan Union Bookstore
    • Ulrich's Bookstore
  • There is no specific dress code for guests.

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  1. Make sure all your records (transcripts, library books, school fees, etc.) are current.
  2. Make sure the address you have on file for receipt of your diploma and other papers is current.
  3. Verify important graduation details such as location, dress code, and time of arrival for ceremony.
  4. Select the clothes and shoes you will wear with your cap and gown.
  5. High heels are not recommended.
  6. Try on your cap and gown. Remove wrinkles according to instructions and hang the gown up until graduation.
  7. The cap tassel is worn to the right; switch it to the left after crossing the stage.
  8. Pin your hood if necessary so that it does not slip during the ceremony.
  9. Agree on a place to meet your family and friends outside of Hill after the ceremony.

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For Bachelor's and Master's Degree recipients, diplomas will be mailed by the end of August to the diploma address you have specified within Wolverine Access.

Doctoral degree recipients attending the University Graduate Exercises will be hooded and receive their diplomas at the ceremony. Additional information regarding University Graduate Exercises can be found at here. If you do not attend, please contact Brian Jones for more information.

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  • Who is Eligible?

    All graduates and candidates of the Winter Term 2015, Spring/Summer Term 2015, or Fall Term 2014 (Who did not participate in May 2014 ceremony), may participate.

    Individuals who are unsure of their eligibility to participate in Spring Commencement should contact Ross Academic Services at 734.647.4933 or at

  • Graduation Application Process
    1. Log on to Wolverine Access
    2. Select - Student Business
    3. Then select - Apply for Graduation

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International Students

The University of Michigan will provide a letter of invitation to assist graduates whose parents must apply for a visa in order to attend the commencement ceremony.

To obtain a letter, please follow these steps:

1. Prior to submitting a request for a letter of invitation, apply for graduation.
2. Visit the International Center website for an overview of documents needed to apply for a visa.
3. After successfully completing the first two steps, make a formal request for the Letter(s) of Invitation by submitting the online request form.

The letter of invitation will be mailed to the graduate, who can then forward it to her or his parents for use in documenting their visa request.

Note: it can take up to four weeks for the University to process a letter of invitation.

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  • Professional photos will be taken of each graduate as he or she shakes hands with
    Dean Davis-Blake on stage, and again as the graduate exits the stage.
  • You are not obligated to purchase any of these photos.
  • Taking photos at the stage by friends or family during the ceremony is not permitted.

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Student Seating

Details to be posted by April 2015.

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