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What is iMpact?
iMpact is a password-protected intranet for the Ross School of Business community. Only current Ross School staff, faculty, students and alumni can use iMpact.  Alumni can access Kresge Library, alumni services, job postings and the alumni directory via iMpact.  This free online system was formally known as M-TRACK but switched to iMpact in 2003.  Alumni need a University of Michigan uniqname and kerberos password to access iMpact.

How do I create a UM uniqname to access the iMpact directory?

All you need is one of the following  three items to confirm your alumni identity:

- Social Security Number (last four digits only)
- Alumni ID number (found on your mailing label a 10-digit number, the first 3 digits will be 000)
- UM ID number (eight-digit number found on your UM ID card).

Then CLICK HERE to go to a page where you can either (1) "Create a Uniqname" or be reminded of an existing one, or (2) "Reset a Password" if you cannot remember yours.

Please note: It takes anywhere from 1 to 24 hours to have a new uniqname loaded into the iMpact database.

How do I retrieve my login or reset my password?
Click here to retrieve your login name if you don't remember. Click here to try the password hint or contact ITCS Accounts Office at 734.764.8000 (8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday). Password resets can only be done by ITCS Accounts Office over the phone.

What is lifetime e-mail forwarding?
Lifetime e-mail forwarding is a free service that re-routes e-mail messages sent to your "" address to your active work or personal e-mail account.  When you change e-mail providers, you simply change the e-mail address you've listed in the University's electronic directory, and future messages will be forwarded to your new e-mail account. This feature allows you to demonstrate your pride in being a U-M alum while taking advantage of the convenience of a constant e-mail address.

Click here to sign up for lifetime e-mail forwarding.
Click here to change your lifetime e-mail forwarding address.

How can I access my iMpact resume?
Click here to access your resume and update it in the iMpact database. Your iMpact resume is not deleted when you switch from student to alumni status.

Who can I contact for technical support?
Contact ITCS Accounts to create a uniqname or to reset your password, 734.764.8000,

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