SPRING, 2014

Peter Faricy’s 3 Tips for "Customer Obsession"

A key part of Amazon’s high standards involves taking customer focus to a new level. Amazon Marketplace VP Peter Faricy, MBA '95, offers these tips:

1. Work Backwards

At Amazon, we begin every new program with a “working backwards” document that focuses on our customers and needs we are trying to address on their behalf. We research, gather data, and have rigorous discussions on how to best serve customers. We are obsessed with our customers and their needs.

2. Measure Continuously

We constantly measure the experience and journey of customers. We measure numerous major and minor data points, including things like the number of milliseconds it takes for a page to load, because we hear from customers that speed is important. Our customers have relentlessly high standards, so we must continually raise our own bar to deliver high quality products, services and processes to meet and exceed their expectations. We stay connected to details and audit frequently.

3. Walk Your Talk

Personally experiencing your business as the customer is critical. We encourage every associate at Amazon to register, launch, and actively sell on Amazon. There is no better process to truly understand and relate to the feedback of a customer than to have taken the same journey and engage the products and services similar to customers. Be open-minded and willing to examine areas that can be improved.

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