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Matching Gifts

More than 650 companies and corporate foundations have recently matched their employees' gifts to the University of Michigan. Under a corporate matching gift program, gifts made by a company's eligible employees to nonprofit organizations that meet the company's guidelines are matched with company or corporate foundation funds.

How Can I Make a Matching Gift?

If you are affiliated with a company that matches contributions to higher education, you may be eligible to have your gift to the Stephen M. Ross School of Business enhanced. Because each employer has different requirements, you will need to contact your personnel office for your company's specific matching gift form and information. Complete the matching gift form (unique to your employer) and send it with your gift to:

Office of Development & Alumni Relations
Stephen M. Ross School of Business
The University of Michigan
701 Tappan Street, 3700 Wyly Hall
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234

The University will process your form and notify your employer. Matching gifts count toward personal recognition levels such as the Henry Carter Adams Society, Partners In Leadership and Presidential Societies.

Does My Company Match Gifts?

There are thousands of companies that match gifts nationwide. The link below will assist you with information about many of those companies. If your company is not listed, please check with your employer. Because employers consider matching gifts a benefit to their employees, your human resource department or personnel office is the most likely source for matching gift forms and information.

Matching Gift Information