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If You Have A Uniqname

If you already have a uniqname you can sign up for Lifetime Email Forwarding service at You will be able to maintain the service by responding in the affirmative to an e-mail you will receive each year. It is your responsibility to keep your e-mail forwarding address current in the online directory.

If at any time you experience problems with these instructions or setting up Lifetime Email Forwarding, visit our FAQ page.

Instructions for Setting Up Your "" Email Address

1.  Connect to the U-M Online Directory (
2.  Click the Bind button (Before you can make changes to your entry you must "bind" to the directory as yourself).
3.  At the login screen, enter your uniqname and U-M (Kerberos) password, then click Log in.
4.  Your uniqname will now be displayed in the upper right corner of the window under the Help button. Click your
      uniqname to display your directory entry.
5.  Click the Modify button in the upper right corner of the screen.
6.  Enter/Change the address in the E-Mail Forwarding Address field to the address where you want your e-mail
     forwarded (i.e. a "" or "" address). Please specify only 1 forwarding email address.
7.  Click the Save Changes button.

NOTE: After saving changes, you will be returned to your   personal profile and you should see the message "Your changes have been saved" at the top of your screen.  If   you do not see this message, repeat steps 5-7.

8.  Click the Unbind button.
9.  Click the logout link (in the lower right corner of the window).
10.  Close your web browser. If you do not close your browser, you will be redirected back to the Online Directory.

NOTE - Changes to Lifetime Email Forwarding in the U-M Online Directory are typically taking at least 2 hours to complete, but may take up to 24 hours. If you can't get into iMpact with your new uniqname and password, try again in a few hours.

 Important Note!

 Signing up for Lifetime Email Forwarding MAY NOT update your email address in iMpact!

  • If you currently have an email address listed in iMpact, you'll need to enter your new "" address in the Alumni Information Update form.
  • If you currently do not have an email address listed in iMpact, your new "" address will automatically be added to your profile.

 To ensure that your Personal Profile in iMpact lists your preferred email address, please see the following

 1.  Go to "Update Your Contact Info" at

NOTE - You’ll have to log in again using your uniqname and password.

 2.  In the Email Address field, enter your new "" address.
 3.  Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click "Submit Changes."

From this point on, all email messages sent to your "" address will be forwarded automatically to the new address you specified. To be effective, however, you must remember to keep your forwarding address current in the UM Online Directory. Whenever you change jobs or Internet Service Providers (ISPs), be sure to change your forwarding address in the UM Online Directory (

Each year, the Information Technology Central Services (ITCS) will send a message to all alumni who are using this service. You MUST go to a web site (TBD) within the year and indicate your desire to keep this service. If you do not do this, your account will be deactivated, though your uniqname will still be assigned to you.

Also, each year, ITCS will send a message to all alumni whose Lifetime Email Forwarding address has not received any messages. As before, you MUST go to a web site (TBD) within the year and indicate your desire to keep this service. The purpose is so ITCS can weed out accounts that are not being used in order to keep costs down. As before, your uniqname will still be assigned you.

If you have any questions regarding Lifetime Email Forwarding, please contact the ITCS Accounts office at (734) 764.8000 or

NOTE: U-M is providing email forwarding ONLY. If you are interested in a U-M mailbox with full email storage capability, you may purchase this service through the University of Michigan's Information Technology Central Services (ITCS) department.  For more information, visit the U-M Online website at