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The Charles H. Ihling Memorial Service Award

The Charles H. Ihling Award is presented to a retiring or former member of the Alumni Society Board of Governors for extraordinary service as a Board member. This award is initiated by a member of the Alumni Board of Governors and will be decided by the Awards Committee. If a member of the Committee is nominated for this award, that person will not be made aware of the nomination. The Awards Committee will decide when the Award will be presented.

Established in the fall of 1991, this award is not presented annually, but rather when a deserving candidate has emerged. As Chuck's contribution as an inaugural member of the Board was indeed extraordinary, this is a most fitting way to honor him and to recognize the efforts of others which Chuck would have encouraged.

2009 Award Recipient



Past Award Recipients

2008 - No award given
2007 - Marci Carris, BBA '78, MBA '83
2006 - No award given
2005 - Lesa Chittenden Lim, MBA '86 and Edward "Ted" Michael, BBA '67, MBA '68
2003 - Ralph E. Johnson, MBA '92
1996 - Mary Kay Haben, MBA 79
1992 - John H. McCarthy, MBA '68