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Entrepreneur Award

Established in 1991, this award recognizes the accomplishments of an alumnus or alumna of the University of Michigan who has started and built a successful enterprise.

2009 Award Recipient

Roger Frock, MBA '59

Former General Manager, FedEx; President and CEO, Quest Management, Inc.

Mr. Frock began his business career with AT Kearney Management consultants in Chicago and later served as the Principal in charge of Kearney's Transportation practice in Manhattan. After completing the concept feasibility study for Federal Express, he joined the organization as Senior Vice President and General manager in 1972, assuming responsibility for managing operations during the critical startup of the company. In 1982, Mr. Frock left federal to start his own consulting company. H currently is President and CEO of Quest Management, Inc., a consulting group specializing in logistics, supply chain management and startup ventures.

Mr. Frock has been a guest speaker at the National Council of Physical Distribution Management (now the Council of Logistics Management), the American Management Association, the American Trucking Association, and has made frequent presentations to other industry associations, private business groups, and business schools on a variety of subjects. He is the author of "Changing How the World Does Business; FedEx's Incredible Journey to Sucess - The Inside Story" published by Berrett-Koehler, San Francisco. Mr. Frock holds a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering and Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan.



Past Award Recipients

2008 - Sam Wyly, MBA '57
2007 - Samuel Zell,  AB '63, JD '66
2006 - John Kennedy, MBA '05
2005 - Bharat Desai, MBA '81
2004 - Keith Alessi, MBA '79
2004 - Lee Shainis, BBA '99
2003 - Rick Snyder, MBA '79
2002 - Michael J. Jandernoa, BBA '72
2001 - Hal Davis, MBA '85
2000 - David Bohnett, MBA 80
1999 - Steve Mariotti, BBA '75, MBA 77
1998 - Frank Stronach
1997 - No Award Given
1996 - No Award Given
1995 - Diana Langley, BBA '75
1994 - Eugene Applebaum
1993 - Gerrard Haworth, MA '40
1992 - Randolph J. Agley, BBA '64, MBA '65
1991 - Richard H. Rogel, BBA '70