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Message from the Chair

Dear Ross School of Business:

We are excited to be a part of supporting the Ross School experience as more than that of a traditional business school experience, but rather as a lifelong community. We have great memories of our days at the Ross School and want to translate that commitment of connectivity through our Board mission.

Board Mission:
Stimulate among its membership a continuance of interest in the Ross School and The University of Michigan.

Provide an instrument for organized effort to encourage a continued flow of outstanding student candidates for the Ross School.
Furnish an avenue through which its membership will become familiar with the problems and progress of the Ross School and the business profession, and thus be better enabled to assist in advancing its programs.

Cooperate with the University officials in helping to meet the needs of the Ross School and the University of Michigan for financial support from public and private sources.

Develop a wider network and fellowship among faculty, alumni, students and friends of the Ross School.

Assist students and alumni with their career development through on-campus recruiting efforts, by promoting students to employers and creating networking opportunities.

Please join us in creating lifelong connectivity to the Ross School of Business.

With warm regards,

Susan Amster, BBA '79
Chair, Alumni Board of Governors
Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan


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