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Roy Yoo

Q&A with Roy Yoo, MSCM '11

What made you decide to pursue an MSCM?

My background is in computer engineering and I had worked at Konica Minolta and DTR VMS America. I got involved in supply chain work and became interested in it. But I hadn't studied it at school. I wanted to learn more and see if I could apply it to the health care world.

Why were you interested in health care supply chain issues?

It seemed to me the automotive supply chain was set up pretty well. But there's more room for improvement in the health care supply chain and there's a real interest in that field for more supply chain expertise. The more I read about it, the more interested I became.

Why Ross?

I really liked the faculty and their expertise in modern supply chain and operations issues. What also drew me was being a part of the Tauber Institute and participating in a summer project. The ability to try out what I learned in a real company setting was a big factor.

How did your Ross experience change you?

To start, it exceeded my expectations. I knew it was a great program and that I would learn a lot. But it also did a great job of preparing me as a leader, as opposed to someone with just more education. I came out of the MSCM Program a lot more confident in myself. There's a real spirit of mentorship here and so many avenues to grow as a leader.

The MSCM Boot Camp was an intense lesson on the business basics, but it also taught me a lot about myself. I learned where I excelled and where I could develop more. I got help and resources whenever I needed, whether it was for interview skills, communication, or course work. Ross didn't just tell me what I should learn. It was about how to learn, how to develop yourself, and ask questions. So by the time our summer project came at Alcoa Howmet, our team was able to come up with a great recommendation and have an incredible experience.

How did this shape your post-MSCM career?

I really had an interest in health care, but no professional background in it. I found a position at U-M Health System through some Ross connections that I was very interested in. One of my former professors, Eric Svaan, helped me prepare for the job interview, made me feel confident, and helped me articulate my passion for health care.

I got the job, was able to transition to this new industry well, and already have shown strong results. There are a lot of lean initiatives in health care right now and people from different industries are coming into the field. One thing I did was help create a dashboard to show inventory levels, performance, and a number of metrics. It had to be cross-functional so our audiences clinicians, administrators, and staff could use it. With one click they would get the information their area needed. It helped us improve inventory turns by 20 percent.

My manager asked me to create a live demonstration of this at GE Centricity Live, which is a big conference GE hosts. It was a great learning experience and the training I received at Ross really helped.

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