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Prasanna Kumar

Q&A with Prasanna Kumar, MBA '11

Prasanna Kumar, MBA ’11, is the director for R&D software engineering at Wipro Technologies, a multinational business and technology consulting firm based in Bangalore, India. Prasanna works within Wipro’s medical engineering practice serving Fortune 500 medical device companies.

Why did you pursue an Executive MBA Program?

I am a driven person, and my career goal is to continue to expand my levels of responsibility as an executive. I pursued an EMBA program to give me the skills and credibility I needed to take my career further. Even in a short time, Ross has delivered. Since starting the program, I have advanced from a mid-level manager to a senior manager and now a director, with increasingly complex responsibilities over a wider geographic area.

How did Ross factor into that career transition?

I know my new positions came as a direct result of the program. The leadership, decision-making, and global business skills have proven extremely helpful in taking on my new roles and ultimately succeeding. I’ve applied just about everything I learned at Ross; the tools have proven practical and workable in a multitude of environments.

Can you cite one key takeaway that made the program especially relevant?

The sophisticated understanding of global business and strategy. I continually work to expand my company’s and clients’ presence in emerging global markets. Each Ross EMBA class helped me better understand the issues, challenges, and opportunities we face in a fiercely competitive environment. The Ross tools are enabling me to contribute tangible solutions to significant challenges.

Why did you choose Ross?

Ross offered the complete package: A rich and challenging general management curriculum, a diverse and highly accomplished set of classmates, an emphasis on leadership, and a practical approach to learning. Ross’ monthly format also made it possible to pursue a top-tier MBA while keeping up with my work and family responsibilities.

Why was Ross’ general management focus important to you in selecting an EMBA program?

As an executive leading cross-functional business activities, it’s imperative that I have a strong ability to lead, understand, and make the right decisions across a diverse array of functional areas. In pursuing an MBA, I didn’t want to become a specialist in just one area. I wanted to become an expert across all areas of business. Ross gave me that. I use the tools and skills I gained every day and in all aspects of my work.

Talk a bit about your classmates in the EMBA program.

It was amazing working with such a diverse, interesting, and leading group of people. Our class had a very special chemistry. We were very close-knit and got along like family. Everyone brought something unique to the table, and we learned a tremendous amount from each other. This is a network I know I can turn to for life when I need help with career advancement, good friendship, and advice.

There are many diverse experiences in the Ross EMBA program. What’s one that stands out to you?

The professional development component of the program was extremely helpful. The sessions covered many leadership skill areas that are critical to executive success. They started discussion at a very high level and gave me insight and understanding I needed to be a more effective leader. The sessions on presentation skills and media interactions were eye opening.

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