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Regular Admission for Current U-M Students

You may apply to Ross during your freshman year or later, regardless of whether you previously applied for preferred admission. Regular admission is the most common entry to the Ross BBA program. There is one admission cycle each year and classes begin each fall.

Admission Criteria

We conduct a holistic review of each application, and there is no formula to define who makes a successful candidate. Interviews and recommendation letters are not part of the admission process. In general, we are looking for:

Outstanding Academics

Good grades in challenging academic schedules

Keep mandatory credit/no credit courses to a minimum. In the case of optional pass/fail courses, we have access to the actual letter grade you earned and will consider that when reviewing your application.

Challenging quantitative courses, including Math and other subjects.

We suggest a minimum of two rigorous quantitative courses. These may include the required courses in Calculus and Economics.

Quality Extracurricular Experience

Deep engagement

Put your unique passions into practice. We value all kinds of activities, not just those related to business.


Look for ways to take initiative or assume responsibility, whether or not you have a formal leadership position.

Commitment over time

  • We look for quality of involvement, not just quantity of activities.
  • We consider and give priority to activities you've participated in while at U-M (which can be within the U-M community or elsewhere, such as a part-time job). Meaningful high school experiences may be used to supplement U-M involvement, particularly for freshman applicants. Greater involvement is expected for applicants beyond freshman standing.

Compelling Application Essays

What makes the Ross BBA right for you, given your interests, goals, or experiences?

  • Provide specific examples that highlight your best, most unique qualities.
  • Be age-appropriate. It's okay if you don't have your adult career mapped out yet.