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Reapplication Process

For suggestions on how to improve upon your candidacy for a future admit term, please see the Reapplication Tips section below.

If you reapply within one year of your original application, you can submit an abridged application as follows:

  • Updated resume, new application form, one recommendation letter, and the application fee. The recommendation letter can be from one of your original recommenders, but should be updated to reflect your performance and achievements since your original application.
  • Detailed cover letter that tells us what you have been doing since you last applied and how your application is stronger. You can use the cover letter to update us on your goals, highlight your accomplishments, and discuss your reasons for seeking an MBA from Ross.  This can be uploaded along with your updated resume.
  • Optional: you may submit one or more of our current essay questions.

Previously submitted information including transcripts, essays, recommendations, GMAT and TOEFL scores will still be on file.

If you reapply after more than one year from your original application, you will need to submit a completely new application, including transcripts, new essays, and two new recommendation letters.

GMAT test scores are valid for five years from the date you took the test to the deadline date when you apply; scores over five years old will not be accepted.  If you retake the GMAT or TOEFL, please send us an updated score report.

Deadlines for reapplying are the same as the published deadlines for new applications. 

Reapplication Tips

GoalsMany times, applicants have not identified their goals clearly or have not made a clear link between these goals and an MBA.  You may want to consider doing informational interviews with people who have an MBA and/or work in the industry or career you are interested in pursuing.  Another great resource is, a website that provides information on MBA careers.

Fit with RossEach MBA program is unique.  As such, we want to understand why you feel Ross is the best fit for you. Providing generic reasons for Ross, or quoting information from our materials and website, is not helpful.  Be sure you clearly articulate your reasons for wanting to pursue an MBA at Ross.

RecommendationIn general, your recommendation should be from a direct supervisor someone who knows you well and can provide specific examples from your work experience. A letter from a faculty member, family member or peer is not recommended.

AchievementsYour accomplishments should be clear throughout your resume, essays, and recommendations. We want to see your track record of success and understand how you have made an impact on your organization. A description of promotions is not what we are looking for.  Rather, we want to understand your actions in making an impact on an organization, and what that impact was.

GMAT/GPAIf your GMAT score is below our average, we encourage you to retake it to improve the competitiveness of your file.  Regarding undergraduate performance, if your background is less quantitative, or if you struggled in some of your coursework, you may want to consider taking some quantitative classes. Finally, if your undergraduate performance is less than stellar, you can use the optional essay to address the situation.