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The Ross School is located on the University of Michigan’s Central Campus in Ann Arbor. Our learning community features tiered and U-shaped classrooms that encourage conversation and group interaction. Each has two adjacent group-study rooms to support successful team-based learning. Additional classrooms feature configurable furniture to support different activities, conversations, and explorations. Meanwhile, high-speed wireless and gracefully integrated technology enable students and faculty to interact with one another on campus and with project sponsors and teams all over the globe.

The Kresge Business Administration Library provides web-based databases, e-books, reference books, working papers, journals, syllabi, and more. The state-of-the-art Tozzi Finance Center supplies all the real-time tools and data found on an actual trading floor.

The school’s Blau Auditorium allows for multi-camera, broadcast-quality output so members of our community far from Ann Arbor can enjoy key speakers and events. Our Seigle Café offers a fresh and wholesome menu, and the Och Fitness Center is a professionally managed facility that offers affordable on-site access to equipment, programs, and instruction.

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