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Your service in the armed forces taught you invaluable skills. How to lead others when everything is on the line. How to work together to accomplish goals. How to analyze the real-world complexities of a situation in order to make an informed decision. As you consider where to pursue your degree, choose a program that will build on the foundation of your military training and prepare you to lead in your career. Choose Ross.

Ross is the perfect place to enhance your skills with a business degree.  We are grateful for your service to our country and will waive your application fee.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Ross is a proud participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program. For those who are 100% eligible for Chapter 33, the University of Michigan and Ross will cover most of your unmet tuition needs. We do not limit the number of participants and cover all admitted students who are eligible.

Specifics regarding the program can be found in the Financial Aid section of our site.

A Foundation of Excellence

  • Action-Based Learning—As a veteran, you understand that a situation outlined on paper may appear very different once you’re out in the field. The Ross curriculum is centered on the belief that the same is true in business. Why study business from a textbook or case, when you can step out of the classroom and be the case? Ross offers you opportunities to learn real business in the real world.
  • Collaboration—To accomplish military objectives, you must effectively work with other people, many of whom bring different ideas and experiences to the table. We believe business works the same way, which is why teamwork drives the educational experience at Ross. Students learn together, study together, and work together to complete assignments. This team-based approach teaches Ross students to work together for a common goal, learn to appreciate differences, and form bonds that last a lifetime.
  • Leadership Development—Leadership in business, like leadership in the military, requires the ability to process information quickly, articulate a compelling vision, make effective decisions, and mobilize others to act. Leadership development is an integral component of our business curriculum, making Ross graduates ready to face the challenges of today’s complex business environment.

Solid Preparation for the Future

  • Dual-Degree Options—At Ross, we understand that business is woven into all aspects of society. That’s why we partner with programs across the University of Michigan to offer dual-degree curricula in fields such as public policy, law, engineering, area studies, public health, and medicine. Additionally, the Ross School’s renowned institutes and centers offer hands-on learning in the areas of sustainable business, entrepreneurship, operations excellence, economies in transition, business and society, and more.
  • ROI—Our academic programs annually rank among the nation’s elite, and recruiters consistently give Ross graduates high marks for teamwork, leadership, and analytical ability. Our graduates accept positions all over the United States and the world, and they step into their jobs ready to lead. The ROI of a Ross degree also includes a network of more than 40,000 business school alumni and half a million University of Michigan alumni poised to serve as resources throughout your career.

A Vibrant, Supportive Community

  • The Armed Forces Association is one of more than 70 student clubs and organizations at Ross. Its mission is to advance the role of veterans in business. The association actively recruits prospective students and provides admissions guidelines from a student’s perspective. For current students, the association sponsors events, networking opportunities, and mentoring, and it serves as the cornerstone of the close-knit military community at Ross.
  • The University of Michigan has a strong tradition of student service in the armed forces, and students represent each of the service branches. U-M’s Office of New Student Programs manages the Student Veterans Assistance Program and hosts welcoming dinners and programs of interest to veterans. It also maintains U-M Veteran’s Connection, a website full of resources for veterans. The University’s Student Veteran Association actively engages the veteran community on campus.
  • Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan are interchangeable and provide a diverse, welcoming, and active community for students and their families. With plenty of museums, public green space, and performing arts venues, you will find many ways to enjoy your time, as well as restaurants and entertainment for every taste.

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