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The John R. and Georgene M. Tozzi Electronic Business and Financial Center

Located on the ground floor of the Kresge Library, the Tozzi Electronic Business and Finance Center replicates a state-of-the-art electronic trading floor. The center, based on wireless technology, comprises a mock trading floor, e-lab, and electronic modular classroom. The floor offers Ross students an experiential learning facility that incorporates the latest financial information technology for integrative coursework in finance, accounting strategy and computing. The e-Lab, dedicated to the research, practice, and teaching of electronic commerce and electronic business, provides a broad perspective on the way information technology is transforming business by looking at both technical and social issues of relevance.

The center provides exciting courses and learning opportunities for our students. It is another example of Rossí dedication to applying fundamental academic knowledge to real-world situation to develop strong leaders. The center also demonstrates the our commitment to delivering leading edge technology and top-notch resources to its students.