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Action-Based Learning Opportunities

Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP)
Through MAP, Ross MBA students get to tackle real world business challenges during a seven-week “consulting” project with companies around the world in a variety of industries and functions. The largest program of its kind in the nation, MAP provides a top-quality learning experience for both students and companies. Students work full-time with corporations and nonprofit organizations on projects that test their skills while producing valuable information for project sponsors.

Entrepreneurial Studies
Through the Zell Lurie Institute (ZLI), students can choose from over 25 courses in entrepreneurship and VC/private equity investing, run the Wolverine Venture Fund (a $3 million early-stage venture capital fund), get seed money for a start-up through the Dare to Dream Grant Program (up to $10K per business concept, per term), and get funding for summer internships at start-ups.

Global Sustainable Enterprise
Through the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, Ross students can earn an MBA and an MS in Natural Resources and Environment in this three-year, joint degree program. The Erb Institute supports education, public outreach and scientific scholarship focused on the harmonization of economic, environmental and social interests.

Nonprofit & Community Service
The Nonprofit and Public Management Center (NPM) is a partnership among the schools of Business, Public Policy, and Social Work with a focus on preparing students to contribute to society through their involvement with nonprofit and public organizations. Courses, projects, and extracurricular activities build the skills and understanding to work effectively across sectors as managers, board members, volunteers, advocates, or advisors.

International and Developing Economies
The William Davidson Institute (WDI) is a research and educational institute focused on improving the effectiveness of firms and social welfare in transitional and emerging economies. WDI funds international student projects and internships, organizes seminars and hosts guest speakers from around the world to explore issues affecting the environment in which these companies operate.

The Center for International Business Education serves as an umbrella organization for innovative programs that prepare students, faculty and business-community leaders for competing in a globally interdependent world. Among other activities, CIBE supports Study Abroad Programs, overseas internships, language learning and a Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Operations and Manufacturing
The Tauber Institute for Global Operations, a partnership between Ross and the College of Engineering, works with leading firms to develop leaders who are fluent in operations and the manufacturing enterprise, yet want to apply their talents to the broader challenges of business. The Tauber Institute is an overlay to the MBA, which results in a "Manufacturing Concentration". Some students interested in the Tauber Institute also choose to pursue a joint MBA/MS in Engineering or MBA/Masters of Engineering in Manufacturing degree.

Electronic Business and Finance
The Tozzi Electronic Business and Finance Center replicates a state-of-the-art electronic trading floor. The Center, based on wireless technology, is comprised of a mock trading floor, e-lab, and electronic modular classroom. The trading floor offers specialized software relating to financial news, analytics, research services, portfolio and risk management, trading simulations and access to online brokerage research.