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Diversity at Ross

The student community at the Ross School of Business is anything but homogenous, whether you are considering academic and professional experience, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, or any number of other measures. We are proud of the wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives that our students possess, and we believe your MBA experience — and personal and professional life — will be enriched as a result.

We encourage you to explore the pages in this section to learn more the opportunities presented through our program, Ross student organizations, and admissions events and partnerships.

Underrepresented Minorities

The Michigan Ross School of Business has an unmatched tradition of fostering a diverse educational community and boasts one of the largest underrepresented minority alumni networks of any top business school in the nation. Yearly events and webinars combined with an active student community, a dedicated staff, and strategic partnerships help us attract the best and brightest incoming MBAs.

Student Organizations

Ross Consortium - Affectionately known by current students as the "consortium fam," members of the Ross Consortium help prospective students navigate the admissions process through the Consortium for Graduate Studies in Management. They also form a strong network, sharing information about job opportunities, study groups and more.

Black Business Students Association (BBSA) - Founded in 1970, the BBSA is one of the largest student-run organizations at the Michigan Ross School of Business. The organization is open to all students regardless of race or ethnicity and hosts social and professional programs to help address the concerns of the black community as well as increase BBSA members' sense of social responsibility and involvement.

Hispanic Business Students Association (HBSA) - The HBSA  provides academic support and professional development opportunities for its members. It is active in the recruitment of prospective Hispanic/Latino students.


Yearly Events

UpClose Weekend - Hosted by the Office of Admissions in partnership with the BBSA and the HBSA, UpClose weekend gives students an opportunity to experience the diverse culture at Ross. Historically the UpClose weekend was designed to attract talented African American, Hispanic American, and Native American applicants to the Ross MBA program but we’ve expanded this event to include all prospective students, of any race or ethnicity, who have an interest in improving the representation of minorities in business schools and in management.

Consortium Interview Day - Designed for prospective students who have applied to Ross through the Consortium for Graduate Studies in Management, this day is a combination of admissions interviews and programming that showcases the Consortium experience at Ross. Designed for prospective students who have applied to Ross through the Consortium for Graduate Studies in Management, this day is a combination of admissions interviews and programming that showcases the Consortium experience at Ross.

Alfred L. Edwards (ALE) Conference - The ALE Conference attracts more than 200 attendees from around the country including current University of Michigan students, alumni, industry leaders, corporate recruiters, and prospective students. The conference aims to engage attendees in discussions around issues and opportunities relevant to the current economic climate and global business environment

Webinars  - In an effort to help students prepare for the application and interview process, the Office of Admissions partners with the Ross Consortium to host periodic webinars. These webinars are often recorded for replay at any time. Click here to view our most recent webinar on interview tips.

Strategic partnerships

Black Business Alumni Association (BBAA)- The BBAA is an official alumni association for BBA and MBA graduates of the Michigan Ross School of Business. Host alumni events throughout the country and serve as mentors to prospective and admitted Ross students.

The Consortium for Graduate Studies in Management (CGSM) - The Ross School of Business has been a member of the Consortium for Graduate Studies in Management, an alli0061nce of leading American business schools and some of our country’s top corporations, since 1983. The mission of The Consortium is to enhance diversity in business education and leadership by helping to reduce the serious underrepresentation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in both its member schools’ enrollments and the ranks of management. To learn more about applying through the Consortium, click here.

Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) - Management Leadership for Tomorrow is a career development institution that equips high potential African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans with skills, coaching, and relationships to help them matriculate to top business schools.

National Black MBA Association (NBMBA) - Established in 1970, the National Black MBA Association is dedicated to develop partnerships that result in the creation of intellectual and economic wealth in the black community. In partnership with over 400 of the country’s top business organizations, the association has inroads into a wide range of industries as well as the public and private sector.

National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) - The National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) is the premier Hispanic business organization dedicated to building and advancing Hispanic leadership through graduate management education and professional development. Recognized as the nation’s most prestigious Hispanic organization, NSHMBA has 39 chapters in the U.S. and Puerto Rico serving over 25,000 members since 1988.

Robert A. Toigo Foundation - Toigo’s mission is centered on the fact that amazing returns can be realized when teams with diverse experiences and points of view work together to tackle complex challenges. Their impact starts with students as they earn their MBAs as Toigo Fellows and continues reaching a broad base of minority and women finance professionals advancing in leadership roles with the Toigo Institute.

We encourage you to visit the Diversity Matters at Michigan website, which serves as a comprehensive portal to diversity resources at the University of Michigan.


At Ross, we understand you want a career that is both challenging and fulfilling. Our top-ranked general management curriculum gives you the flexibility to tailor a program that suits your unique goals. Our community gives you the resources and support network you need to be your best in business and beyond.

Support for your goals from one of the strongest women’s networks

Michigan Business Women (MBW) is a student-run club that hosts career networking, professional development, community service, and social events for Ross women throughout the year and is dedicated to fostering a strong community of women at Ross. The annual Women in Leadership Conference provides networking and recruiting opportunities for students, alumnae, and professionals from across the United States.

Women in Leadership Conference

Join current students, alumnae, professionals, admissions representatives, and other prospective students at our annual Women in Leadership Conference. Strengthen your network and learn how to drive your career through thoughtful and effective leadership. Learn about the Michigan Ross MBA Program from the perspective of female students. The event is open to anyone interested in learning about the MBA experience from the perspective of female MBA students at Michigan.

For more information and to apply, Click Here.

Opportunities for Prospective Students

We encourage prospective students to connect with women at Ross. Select from more than 50 current female students who are willing to talk with you about their experience as women at Ross, address your concerns, or answer any questions you may have.

Forté Foundation

Ross is a member of the Forté Foundation, a consortium of top business schools and companies dedicated to directing talented women toward leadership roles in business. Ross Forté Fellows participate in the annual Forté conference. Each fall, Ross participates in Forté forums across the United States.

Café Chats

It is often difficult for prospective women in distant cities or countries to travel to Ann Arbor to get an in-person feel for the community. Current students travel outside of Ann Arbor regularly throughout the year and make themselves available to meet with you one-on-one or in small groups for informal conversations. Please check our Meet Ross Students page for information.


Ross is the perfect place to enhance your skills with a business degree. We are grateful for your service to our country and will waive your application fee.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Ross is a proud participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program. For those who are 100% eligible for Chapter 33, the University of Michigan and Ross will cover most of your unmet tuition needs. We do not limit the number of participants and cover all admitted students who are eligible.

Specifics regarding the program can be found in the Financial Aid section of our site.

A Foundation of Excellence

  • Action-Based Learning—As a veteran, you understand that a situation outlined on paper may appear very different once you’re out in the field. The Ross curriculum is centered on the belief that the same is true in business. Why study business from a textbook or case, when you can step out of the classroom and be the case? Ross offers you opportunities to learn real business in the real world.
  • Collaboration—To accomplish military objectives, you must effectively work with other people, many of whom bring different ideas and experiences to the table. We believe business works the same way, which is why teamwork drives the educational experience at Ross. Students learn together, study together, and work together to complete assignments. This team-based approach teaches Ross students to work together for a common goal, learn to appreciate differences, and form bonds that last a lifetime.
  • Leadership Development—Leadership in business, like leadership in the military, requires the ability to process information quickly, articulate a compelling vision, make effective decisions, and mobilize others to act. Leadership development is an integral component of our business curriculum, making Ross graduates ready to face the challenges of today’s complex business environment.

Solid Preparation for the Future

  • Dual-Degree Options—At Ross, we understand that business is woven into all aspects of society. That’s why we partner with programs across the University of Michigan to offer dual-degree curricula in fields such as public policy, law, engineering, area studies, public health, and medicine. Additionally, the Ross School’s renowned institutes and centers offer hands-on learning in the areas of sustainable business, entrepreneurship, operations excellence, economies in transition, business and society, and more.
  • ROI—Our academic programs annually rank among the nation’s elite, and recruiters consistently give Ross graduates high marks for teamwork, leadership, and analytical ability. Our graduates accept positions all over the United States and the world, and they step into their jobs ready to lead. The ROI of a Ross degree also includes a network of more than 45,000 business school alumni and half a million University of Michigan alumni poised to serve as resources throughout your career.

A Vibrant, Supportive Community

  • The Armed Forces Association is one of more than 70 student clubs and organizations at Ross. Its mission is to advance the role of veterans in business. The association actively recruits prospective students and provides admissions guidelines from a student’s perspective. For current students, the association sponsors events, networking opportunities, and mentoring, and it serves as the cornerstone of the close-knit military community at Ross.
  • The University of Michigan has a strong tradition of student service in the armed forces, and students represent each of the service branches. U-M’s Office of New Student Programs manages the Student Veterans Assistance Program and hosts welcoming dinners and programs of interest to veterans. It also maintains U-M Veteran’s Connection, a website full of resources for veterans. The University’s Student Veteran Association actively engages the veteran community on campus.
  • Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan are interchangeable and provide a diverse, welcoming, and active community for students and their families. With plenty of museums, public green space, and performing arts venues, you will find many ways to enjoy your time, as well as restaurants and entertainment for every taste.

Applying to Ross


Out at Ross

An active and visible LGBT community plays a central role in student life at the Ross School of Business. LGBT students provide a professional and social network for each other, while also raising awareness of LGBT issues within the Ross community. The LGBT community collaborates to create an open, welcoming environment, and develops relationships with faculty, staff, alumni, and corporations to help us achieve these goals. The Ross School encourages LGBT students to be out, and a variety of Ross and University of Michigan resources assist LBGT students and others in the coming out process.

Out for Business - LGBT Student Association

Ross Out for Business (Ross OFB) is the official lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) student association. With more than 35 LGBT members, and roughly the same number of engaged allies, Ross OFB is an active part of the school's vibrant community. The group organizes a variety of events designed to bring together members of the LGBT community, including bowling, brunch, and bar-hopping. The association’s social events also seek to integrate the greater Ross community to encourage dialogue about the unique issues facing LGBT people in the workplace and in society. For example, the club recently hosted a campuswide discussion with Kate Kendell, Executive Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Out for Business also provides extensive support to members in their career searches. Resources include:

Mentoring — Second-year MBA students actively support incoming students as they navigate the internship recruitment process, helping with cover letters, resume reviews, and more.

On-Campus Recruiting — OFB works with a wide variety of firms to facilitate the recruiting process for LGBT students at Ross. The group works with companies to set up numerous networking opportunities specifically for LGBT students.

Off-Campus Recruiting — OFB helps students connect with additional firms through mentorship and participation in the annual Reaching Out MBA conference.

For more information about Out for Business, visit

The University of Michigan and Ann Arbor

Ross is fortunate to be part of the large and diverse University of Michigan, which is home to several other top-tier graduate programs that form the larger LGBT community at the University. U-M’s Spectrum Center coordinates LGBT activities across all schools and colleges, and is a wonderful resource for LGBT students and faculty.

Prospective Student Resources

We encourage prospective students to be out in their applications and with the Office of Admissions. To connect with a member of the Ross LGBT community, please contact, and someone from Out for Business will reach out to you.