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Career Self-Assessment

If you're thinking about an MBA, you're also thinking about your career.

Ross has made special arrangements to offer to prospective MBA students a career and skills assessment tool called "CareerLeader™." It is a tool we and other top business schools use with our students. We offer it now to people who are still sizing up the idea of applying to business school because this tool is also valuable at that stage.

As you think about your future, including which MBA program is best for you, this tool can be valuable in assessing key issues:

bullet What industry or function do your skills, abilities, and interests best match?
bullet Where do your real interests lie, with regard to type of work, work environment, and other key factors?
bullet Which factors are weighted most heavily and which factors hadn't you considered before?
bullet If you're planning to change careers, what are the skills and capabilities you most need to develop in order to make a successful transition?

Sometimes the answers to these questions will surprise you. Often, an objective examination of your motivations and interests will reveal options or priorities you hadn't previously fully discovered. Undertaking an MBA program is a major step, and we at Michigan's Ross School of Business believe that careful assessment of what you really want to achieve is an important part of planning for both applying to business school and getting the most out of your MBA.

Here we present CareerLeader™ as an option to help you make good choices. If you're considering an MBA you are no doubt already well down the path to personal and professional self-evaluation. Whether you use this, another instrument, or just thoughtful reflection, we believe you will find the process valuable.

To qualify for the special Michigan discount for CareerLeader™, you need only fill out the pre-registration form. Information you provide will be held by the school and will not be shared with any other individuals or organizations. If you ultimately enroll at Michigan's Ross School of Business, you will receive a rebate for the full cost of CareerLeader™. More detailed pricing information is available on the CareerLeader™ website, to which you will be linked after pre-registering.