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Why Ross?

In today’s global business arena, the traditional lines between accounting, finance, and management are dissolving. At the same time, rules that govern financial disclosure and accountability are increasingly multifaceted and complex. Technology is always changing.

The Master of Accounting Program (MAcc) at Michigan's Ross School of Business delivers the tools and cross-functional expertise you need to face these challenges. We do this by integrating our eight month MAcc Program with the Ross School’s top-tier MBA Program. As a result, you get a dynamic, broad-based education that multiplies your career options. Ross MAcc students are recruited by more than just accounting firms; they pursue careers worldwide in investment banking, consulting, government agencies, and more.

By tailoring elective courses, our MAcc graduates are qualified to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Exam in all 50 states, and our students have one of the highest CPA exam passing rates in the nation. While this is an impressive statistic, our goals transcend such immediate milestones. We seek to maximize each student’s long-term potential by providing a balanced education rich in core fundamentals, cultural perspective, and technological relevance.

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