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Meet the Ross MSCMs

"The Ross MSCM gives you a solid tool kit you can apply to the most complex supply chain problem."

Manager of Perfect Execution
Emerson Electric Co.

McKinney, Texas

After enrolling at Ross, Matt was impressed by the caliber and dedication of the Michigan Ross professors. "They're respected experts in the field and truly passionate about teaching. Their excitement and enthusiasm for their work was contagious."


"I learned a lot from the classes and professors, but I learned a lot from my peers, too."

Supply Chain Engineer
Ryder Supply Chain Solutions

Novi, Mich.

"The Ross MSCM program was ideal for me because it provided the broad academic basis for the field as well as a flavor of a top MBA program."


"One of the best things about Ross is the network you have as an alumnus."

Crew Manager
LAN Chile, LATAM Airlines Group

Santiago, Chile

"The multicultural diversity and strong analytics at Ross really helped me with the job challenges I've faced. I was a lean manager working in Chile, Peru, and the United States, and we have merged with another airline. My experience at Ross helped me meet those challenges."


"Ross didn't just tell me what I should learn. It was about how to learn, how to develop yourself, and ask questions."

Supply Chain Supervisor
University of Michigan Health System

Ann Arbor, Mich.

"In my first year on a new job in a new industry, I've been able to show strong results and a lot of that is due to the Ross MSCM Program. Without that background, I would not have been able to jump right in and succeed."


"Ross gave me the confidence I needed to be a global leader."

Manager, Global Supply Chain
Microsoft Corp.

Redmond, Wash.

"When I first came to Ross, I knew I needed to gain confidence in my presentation abilities and everyday interactions. Working with career coaches — and on the job with Grainger during my summer project with the Tauber Institute — helped me understand how to interact in an American setting. That's invaluable when you're working in a global capacity."


"Cross-pollinating knowledge with MBAs and engineers provided invaluable insight."

Commodity Sourcing Manager
Parker Hannifinn

Richland, Mich.

"When you see a supply chain work well, it's an amazing thing. But there can also be near-catastrophic failures. I came to Ross because I wanted to understand more about the strategy behind the process. Working with a cross-disciplinary group of peers, including engineering students and MBAs, gave me great insight into different areas of business."


Senior, Advisory Services Practice
Ernst & Young Consulting

Dallas, Texas

When Raajan first heard about the MSCM Corporate Advisory Council (CAC), he didn’t expect too much. “I thought, ‘OK, I’ll get to talk to a couple of VPs once or twice, but that will be it.’ I was wrong.” Comprised of a group of senior executives from Fortune 500 companies and consultancies, members of the CAC pair off with students to act as mentors. “I had an individual mentor, but we had access to all the mentors,” says Raajan. “Getting so many insights directly from the people who manage the global supply chain was amazing. I also asked for specific advice about my own career path, which was immensely helpful.” Though he’s transitioning into a new job at Ernst & Young Consulting in Dallas, Raajan says he’ll “always find excuses to come back to Ann Arbor.” As a recent graduate, he's already started mentoring a few current MSCM students. “Ross has given me so much. I'd do it all over again if I could, but that’s not practical. So I plan to stay connected by giving back and leveraging the network.”

graphicMalvika Bhatia
BSE ‘11/MSCM ‘12
Sourcing Manager
Microsoft Corp.
Redmond, Wash.

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, Malvika co-founded a company that develops low-cost medical devices for limited-resource settings. As she was heading its business development and operations, she soon realized that her engineering background had not prepared her for the management of complicated global supply chains and operations. She decided to enroll in the MSCM Program to gain more knowledge in the field and hone her skills through the Tauber Institute for Global Operations, a partnership between Ross and U-M’s College of Engineering. “Tauber is an amazing frontier to develop connections with companies, participate in action-based learning projects, and work on teams with diverse groups of people. For someone with limited industry experience, this helped me prepare for the working world through various modules, from leadership to project management,” she says.

graphicRahul Chowdhury
MSCM ‘12
Senior Manager, Global Business Process
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
Bentonville, Ark.

When he decided to pursue an MSCM, Rahul had been working as a lead process consultant, mapping businesses to IT solutions. “I wanted to understand supply chain management on a global level. Ross is one of the best schools out there that offers this very specialized focus,” he says. The 14-week Tauber Institute summer project also was a major attraction for Rahul. “I enjoy hands-on learning, being in the thick of things. But my favorite feature was the faculty interaction. Faculty advisers came in every week to provide active guidance and consultation on projects. They challenged us to ask the right questions and find the best solutions,” he says. In addition to the faculty support, Rahul was impressed by the integrated resources provided by Ross’ Career Services team, which include workshops on every aspect of career development. “They prepare you from the very start to effectively work with companies during your internship, projects, and job search. I left this program with more than supply chain management expertise. I am a better professional overall.”

graphicAmanda Hillman
Supply Chain and Manufacturing Consultant
Chicago, Ill.

Amanda’s experience is unique — she was the first MSCM Program student to earn a dual degree through the Ross School and the School of Natural Resources and Environment. “There aren’t many universities out there where you can have access to top schools and great resources in both subjects of your interest. Both the University of Michigan and Ross promote interdisciplinary approaches and encourage students to pursue this type of collaboration and study,” she says. This allowed Amanda to focus her studies on the intersection of sustainability, business, engineering, supply chain, operations, manufacturing, and construction. When it was time to begin her job search, she was able to find a position that was just the right fit through one of Michigan Ross’ many on-campus recruitment events. Looking back at her experience, Amanda is amazed by the strength and value of the Ross alumni network. “The program truly leverages the Ross community and their connections to create remarkable projects and opportunities, both during the MSCM Program and beyond,” she says.

graphicShashank Kadetotad
MSCM ‘12
Operations Manager
Chattanooga, Tenn.

Shashank chose Michigan Ross because of its reputation for exceptional operations faculty. “I knew I’d be learning from world-class professors,” he says, “but the level of teaching at Ross is something I never could have imagined.” In addition to his Tauber Institute project with General Motors Corp. in Germany, Shashank ranks Professor Izak Duenyas’ “Manufacturing and Supply Operations” course as one of the highlights of his Michigan Ross experience. “Izak can explain extremely complex concepts in a matter of minutes. Plus, his sense of humor is out of this world.” But in the end, it wasn’t just the professors that left an impression on Shashank. “The admissions director obviously knows a lot about how to build a great class,” he says. “My classmates’ experience, diversity, and drive were incredible. I made lifelong friends.” He has joined Amazon in an operations management role, which he landed through on-campus recruiting. Shashank says Ross Career Services was a great resource for resume tips and mock interviews, but he especially appreciated the career coaches’ cultural insights. “In India, we don’t engage in as much small talk, so learning how to connect with people in America is important, both for business and personal life.”