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Soojin Kwon KohEric Olson is Managing Director for the MSCM program and oversees the MSCM admissions committee. Eric has reviewed all applications submitted for the MSCM program since its inception and has counseled numerous prospective students on the ideal strategy to develop and deliver a competitive application for the program. Eric knows what makes applications stand out and how applicants can increase their chances of being admitted into the MSCM program.

In these application tips, Eric will share advice on how to put your best application forward. Our online application for the MSCM class of 2015 (starting coursework in January 2015) is live.

Tip: Stand Out – Craft your application to reflect “you”

There are a variety of opportunities throughout the application process to make your application “stand out.” The admissions committee wants to hear your story and get to know you. Use every interaction – essay, interview, or informal conversation – to differentiate yourself and show how you bring a unique perspective to the MSCM Program.

But first, you must know who “you” are. Reflect on all of the wonderful things you have done in your life. Think of the schools you’ve attended, the areas you’ve studied, the skills you’ve acquired, and obstacles you’ve overcome. We’d like to know about your core values, your priorities, and how you go about making decisions. Introspection is the cornerstone of how you present yourself to the admissions committee.

Second, remember to be genuine. We want to learn about you, and essays and interviews are a crucial part of the application process. The admissions committee takes great pride in getting to know each of our applicants. We are not simply looking to admit a class full of 800 GMAT scores and 4.0’s. Each student in our program brings a unique perspective to the table, which makes for a wonderful learning environment. Your ability to articulate your story, goals, and objectives plays a big part in the admissions process. We don’t know what we don’t know. Use the interview and essays to educate and enlighten us about who you are. Telling us what you want is only the start. Dig deeper and articulate the whys. We are interested to learn the reasons behind your choices, goals, and desires. A genuine essay and interview will help us paint a clear and accurate picture of you as a candidate.

Make your application shine by taking the time to write your essays, have them critiqued, and make sure they tell not only the what, but the how and why. Similarly, prepare for your interview(s) by practicing with your family, friends, and colleagues. Make sure you feel confident in your story and you come across professional and polished.

On the surface, many applications appear similar. But your unique experiences and personal drivers set you apart. We are eager to learn about you, understand what makes you tick, and why you want to become a supply chain management leader.

Samar Sarma

graphicMSCM ‘09
Principal Consultant


“Ross is a great school because it’s tied very closely to industry’s needs.”

Samar Sarma’s work in the technical side of supply chain management fit well with his engineering background. But to diversify his career options he knew a business degree was his next logical step.

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MSCM Corporate Advisory Council

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Wayne Krampel
Vice President of Global Product Supply, Bayer Healthcare

“With supply chain, there's a certain level of in-depth competencies that need to be brought, which could never be drawn out in an MBA program or a one-course SCM program. Because supply chain has such a broad base, one can’t do it justice in a single course or a single semester.”

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