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Soojin Kwon KohEric Olson is Managing Director for the Ross MSCM Program and oversees the MSCM admissions committee. Eric has reviewed all applications submitted for the MSCM Program since its inception and has counseled numerous prospective students on the ideal strategy to develop and deliver a competitive application for the program. Eric knows what makes applications stand out and how applicants can increase their chances of being admitted into the MSCM Program.

In these application tips, Eric will share advice on how to put your best application forward. Our online application for the MSCM class of 2015 (starting coursework in January 2015) is live.

Tip No. 1: Tell your story!

The application is your chance to present yourself to the MSCM admissions committee. What should you say? What information should you provide? But more than that, what does the admissions committee want and how will they be evaluating what you provide?

First, you should understand what differentiates our program from the rest. That will help make your case for why you are the ideal fit for us, and we the ideal fit for you.

The Ross MSCM Program’s mission is to develop the future leaders in supply chain management (SCM). We have a unique formula that combines rigorous academics with real-world, action-based experience. Our holistic curriculum combines the best in SCM education with business strategy, building leadership and teamwork skills, unprecedented networking access to industry leaders, and inclusion as a fellow in the Tauber Institute for Global Operations. Our action-based elements include a 14-week paid summer project where our students travel to companies all over the world to solve real supply chain issues and implement their ideas.

Second, conduct sound research via the program’s website, learn all the bells and whistles, talk with current students and alumni of the program, attend a MSCM information session, or set up a time to talk with a member of the MSCM staff. I always refer to a quote from GI Joe, one of my favorite cartoons as a kid: “Knowing is half the battle.” If you have a realistic view of the program, the application process will be smoother and produce better results.

Every applicant’s story is different and unique to their experience and personal odyssey. The admissions committee wants to know what makes you unique, so please highlight these things in your application. Having said that, there is standard information the admissions committee looks for in all applications. Be sure to pay special attention to highlight the following characteristics in your application:

  • Strong academic standards (as measured by GMAT or GRE test scores and previous academic record[s])
  • Leadership, initiative, and impact (as evidenced through professional achievements, resume, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, personal essays, and interviews)
  • Interpersonal and teamwork skills (as identified in letters of recommendation, personal essays, and interviews)
  • Clear goals and rationale for pursing a master’s degree in supply chain management (as indicated in personal essays and interview)
  • Fit with the Ross School’s approach to management education (as noted in your personal essays and interview)

The online application is your vehicle to introduce yourself to the admissions committee. Taking the time to consider the design and theme of your application will pay off.

If you have any questions about what we look for and/or evaluate in applications feel free to contact us at or 734-647-1396. We are here to help!

Remember, there are several components to your application. At Ross, we evaluate applications holistically – no single element will guarantee admission or denial. Everything counts, so strive for personal best on every part of the application.


Samar Sarma

graphicMSCM ‘09
Principal Consultant


“Ross is a great school because it’s tied very closely to industry’s needs.”

Samar Sarma’s work in the technical side of supply chain management fit well with his engineering background. But to diversify his career options he knew a business degree was his next logical step.

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MSCM Corporate Advisory Council

graphicAdvisory Profile:
Wayne Krampel
Vice President of Global Product Supply, Bayer Healthcare

“With supply chain, there's a certain level of in-depth competencies that need to be brought, which could never be drawn out in an MBA program or a one-course SCM program. Because supply chain has such a broad base, one can’t do it justice in a single course or a single semester.”

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