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Joseph Ciliberti
Career Focus: Supply Chain Management, Process Improvement, Consulting
Geographic Region: Midwest
Undergrad: The Ohio State University -- Operations Management
Prior Industry: Supply Chain Consulting

After working in the supply chain industry for a couple of years, I was looking for a way to advance my career. I was drawn to the action-based approach offered by the MSCM Program at Ross. The connection to the Tauber Institute for Global Operations offers a number of ways to learn new skills and improve existing talents that are highly valued in the supply chain industry. I also have found the community of students, staff, and faculty at Ross is second to none. The opportunities for networking within Ross and Tauber, as well as my involvement with the Supply Chain Management Club, will greatly help to further my career.

graphicLynn Costanza
Career Focus: Strategic Planning, Operations, General Management
Geographic Region: Midwest
Undergrad: Northwestern University – Materials Science and Engineering
Prior Industry: Manufacturing, Healthcare

While in industry, I saw a need for improved supply chain systems and wanted to refocus my career on this key component of business strategy. I spent several months researching master’s programs at multiple universities. Once I found the MSCM Program at Ross, I stopped researching and applied. The focus of the program is on supply chain topics, but the MSCM Boot Camp offers exposure to marketing, finance, economics, communications, accounting, strategy, and organizational behavior. Our class is so diverse both in terms of work experience and cultural backgrounds. We learn from each other inside and outside the classroom. As a group we are very close, and we are creating a meaningful network that will last long after graduation. I’m proud to be a part of this special program at Ross.

graphicAbhijit Dayal
Career Focus: Consulting, Energy
Geographic Region: East Coast, Midwest, Southern States
Undergrad: Indian Institute of Technology – Mechanical Engineering
Prior Industry: Automotive and Management Consulting

Prior to coming to Ross, I had the opportunity to work in different areas of operations across diversified industry sectors and organizations. I also worked on various greenfield projects in manufacturing and energy. I understood the significance and prevalence of supply chain management in global industry. I came to Ross to develop my expertise in supply chain, improve my problem-solving skills, and learn from a diverse group of students and faculty. The Ross MSCM Program has an excellent academic curriculum, including an in-company, paid project that lasts 14 weeks in the summer. Ross stands out for its action-based and collaborative learning approach. There are various clubs within the school for honing your professional skills. I am part of the Operations Management Club, the Supply Chain Club, and the Triathlon Club. The one-year program is a great structured platform for education and practical exposure in the supply chain field.

graphicMarisol Ferrandiz
Career Focus: Consulting, Operations, Entrepreneurship
Geographic Region:  Latin America, West Coast, Western Europe
Undergrad: Tecnologico de Monterrey – Industrial Engineering
Prior Industry: Manufacturing, Operations

I was born and raised in Mexico and am interested in exploring new challenges. Upon earning my undergraduate degree, I pursued a career in the auto industry. When I decided to get my master’s degree, I wanted a world-class institution that could offer me a diverse experience. Ross was just the right option. The MSCM Program best aligned with my professional goals.

graphicJohn Frye
Career Focus:  Manufacturing, Consulting, Logistics
Undergrad:  Drexel University – Business Administration, Production / Operations Management
Prior Industry:  Wholesale Distribution

While working as a branch manager for a wholesale distribution company, I gained a broad overview of supply chain and manufacturing. The sales and operations of the business were focused on a local market, and I wanted to expand my career to a much larger operation with a global focus. That is what led me to the MSCM Program at Ross. Being a part of the Tauber Institute for Global Operations has given me a great deal of exposure to global companies. I’ve also had the opportunity to work on projects for companies all over the world. I found the very focused curriculum of the Ross MSCM Program, along with the benefits of the Tauber Institute, to be exactly what I needed to help me reach my career goals. Also, I can complete the degree in one year, which is a big plus. ”

graphicAmanda Hillman
Career Focus:  Green Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Manufacturing and Operations, Lean Manufacturing, Consulting
Geographic Region: East Coast
Undergrad: Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts – Mathematics and Economics
Prior Industry: Venture Capital

I was drawn to the MSCM Program’s structure and involvement with the Tauber Institute for Global Operations. I also was very interested in the partnership between Ross and U-M’s School of Natural Resources and Environment. Ross is very focused on the intersection of sustainability, business, engineering, supply chain, operations, manufacturing, and construction. I find there is fascinating research being conducted here at Michigan. The professors are leading the way in their fields, and they are extremely accessible. Creating a student-initiated dual-degree program has been challenging but rewarding, and the opportunities are endless. Real-world projects at the Tauber Institute provide invaluable experience and set the stage for students to re-enter the business world with practical knowledge and skills.

graphicKellie Jensen
Geographical Region: Global
Undergrad: Middlebury College
Postgrad: University of Chicago – Threat and Risk Management
Prior Industry: Government, Nonprofit

I'm interested in moving into the private sector – possibly in the defense industry – upon graduation. I’ve lived in a few different countries and all over the United States. I am new to the field of supply chain management, so I am hoping this program can provide some insight and guidance for moving forward. I chose Ross for several reasons: the staff, the business school’s reputation, and the partnership with the Tauber Institute for Global Operations. I like the way the MSCM Program combines business and operations and allows students to apply classroom knowledge to a real-world project. The professors have been incredibly supportive. They are clearly dedicated to providing an open and positive learning environment for students from all backgrounds. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the support from all departments including the Office of Career Development and the Office of Financial Aid.

graphicBaran Kocal
Career Focus: Supply Chain / Operations Management
Geographic Region: Southwest, Eastern Europe / Western Europe
Undergrad: Middle East Technical University – Mining Engineering
Prior Industry: Aerospace & Defense

The Ross MSCM Program provided the ideal opportunity to combine my engineering and business experience. I had been working in various operations and supply chain roles in the aerospace industry, which made me realize the importance of cross-functional collaboration in today’s business world. The Ross MSCM Program and the Tauber Institute for Global Operations are extremely valuable and unique in this sense. They bring together engineering, business, and supply chain students in various ways. I also was attracted to the innovative curriculum, which covers all aspects of supply chain. Moreover, the Ross community has been so supportive and inspiring that I knew Ross was the right place from the day I took the campus tour. The school offers a colorful social life with many student clubs. I’m president of the Supply Chain Management Club and a member of the Operations Management and Triathlon clubs.

graphicPink Lee
Career Focus: Consulting, Supply Chain Management, Operations, General Management
Geographic Region: West Coast, Asia
Undergrad: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – Industrial & Operations Engineering
Prior Industry: High Tech, Operations

The Ross School’s rigorous one-year Master of Supply Chain Management Program and partnership with the Tauber Institute for Global Operations is inarguably one of the best supply chain programs you can find in the country and delivered exactly what I needed to sharpen my business acumen with cutting edge supply chain knowledge which will help advance my career. The MSCM Program offers plentiful learning opportunities to explore innovative ways to re-invent the supply chain. It starts in the classroom with the school’s eminent faculty in operations and management science. Then it extends outside of class where students have access to supply chain industry leaders and a collaborative community of highly talented students from around the world. One of the best features is the Tauber Institute summer project, which offers an unsurpassed experience to maximize your potential. I am originally from Malaysia and am involved in the Wolverine Wine Club, the Ross Triathlon Club, and the Supply Chain Management Club.

graphicDanesha Marasinghe
Career Focus: Consulting, Operations, High Tech
Geographic Region:  East Coast, Western Europe, Asia, Middle East
Undergrad: Manchester Metropolitan University – Information Systems
Prior Industry: Software Engineering

I am Sri Lankan and South African. I worked in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe for more than six years as a software engineer. I joined the Ross MSCM Program because of its strong emphasis on learning by action. I believe the experience and exposure gained at Ross will be invaluable to me in both my personal and professional growth.

graphicVinay Nagabhushan
Career Focus: Operations, Supply Chain Management
Geographic Region: India
Undergrad: National Institute of Technology – Production Engineering
Prior Industry: Information Technology

I had been working at Infosys Technologies Ltd. when I learned about the Ross MSCM Program. I was using ERP software to design order and inventory management solutions for major U.S. retailers, so I encountered many important tenets of supply chain. I found I wanted a deeper background in key business processes and the factors that brought them into existence. Understanding the basic foundation of supply chain management would enable me to see business from a more holistic perspective and give me additional skills to propel my career to higher levels. The Ross MSCM Program has the right concentration of supply chain courses and the avenue to put them into practice.

graphicJustice Owusu-Hienno
Career Focus: Operations, Supply Chain Systems, and Strategic Planning
Geographic Region: East Coast, West Coast, Africa
Undergrad: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology – Land Economics
Prior Industry: High Tech

I chose Ross for its excellent reputation in operations, the attitude of its admissions staff, and the expertise of the faculty. Prior to joining Ross I worked in the semiconductor industry, where I experienced a range of supply chain issues. As I became more interested in supply chain management, I wanted a program that could blend theories with actual practice. The Ross School’s MSCM Program was just the right type for me. Moreover, coming from Africa, I needed a place where diversity is appreciated. On my first visit to Ross, I was amazed by the diversity of both students and staff, as well as the friendly and collaborative atmosphere that exists at the school. I couldn’t have been anywhere else than Ross.

graphicNajmuddin Shahid
Career Focus: Consulting, High-Tech, Sustainable Supply Chains
Geographic Region: USA, Western Europe, SE Asia, Middle East
Undergrad: Manipal University – Electronics Engineering
Prior Industry: Semiconductors

Before coming to Ross, I was working at Freescale Semiconductor India as a design engineer. Most of my work was related to design and validation of semiconductor chips used in commercial and industrial products. I also was involved in designing and improving processes related to various aspects of validation. I was eager to complement my engineering background with more comprehensive business skills so I could have a greater impact on the whole product life cycle. I chose the Ross MSCM Program for its deep and broad coverage in this field. I also liked the one-year format and the paid summer project, which is a built-in opportunity to implement classroom learning in real life. Furthermore, the Ross School’s action-based learning approach, the plethora of resources, and an extensive alumni network all contributed to my choice. After graduating, I want to use my supply chain management skills to improve the flow of information and products through the global network of firms, industries, and consumers.

graphicXiaofei Zhang
Career Focus: Supply Chain Management, Operations, Consulting
Geographic Region: China, Asia
Undergrad: Shanghai Jiaotong University – International Economics and Trade
Prior Industry: Supply Chain Management, Operations, Logistics

I am a supply chain planner at Dow Chemical in Shanghai. While I have much hands-on experience in the industry, I knew I would benefit from studying supply chain management in a specialized institute. I wanted to shed light on the best road ahead for my career. I also wanted a perspective outside of Asia. I researched school websites, visited campuses, and reached out to alumni and current students. Ultimately I decided the Ross MSCM Program fulfilled all of my needs. It is a practical, one-year-program with full coverage of business fundamentals. It offers a comprehensive course structure and a unique paid summer internship through the Tauber Institute for Global Operations. The MSCM Program has been a great challenge to me, and I’m enjoying it very much.