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Amy Betke

Q&A with Amy Betke, MSCM '09

What made you decide to pursue an MSCM?

I had been working in supply chain in a logistics role for 10-plus years, so the MSCM program was ideal for me because it provided the broad academic basis for the field as well as a flavor of a top MBA program.

Why did you choose Ross?

My situation was a little unusual. Ryder, the company where I work, sponsored a student for the Ross MSCM program and I applied to be selected.

How did your Ross MSCM experience change you?

I learned a lot from the classes and professors, but I learned a lot from my peers, too. We came from a variety of different career and cultural backgrounds and it made for a rich experience.

How are you using what you learned at Ross in your job?

Ryder has a very strong "Lean" culture, and that's something the Tauber Institute program really drove this home for me. There are elements of the Lean/Six Sigma approach that I was introduced to in the Tauber program that directly translated to my job.

What did you do during your Tauber summer project?

I actually went to Ryder and worked on an inventory optimization model for automotive customers.

What does the future hold for you?

After the Ross MSCM program, I returned to Ryder but transitioned from an operations role to more of an analytical/strategic role.  In the future, I think I will return to an operations role.  The understanding and experience in other functional groups will help me make better decisions and be a more effective leader.