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Work Experience

Q: How much work experience do I need before I can apply?

A: We do not require a minimum number of years of work experience prior to entering the MSCM Program. However, we expect that most of our admitted students will have at least one year of work experience. We evaluate work experience not in terms of quantity but in terms of quality – the impact the applicant has had on their organization and his or her natural leadership qualities. Those who are joining us at an earlier stage of their career should use the application to demonstrate what they will be able to contribute to the Ross experience. In addition these candidates should come to the program with superb academic credentials, as well as the maturity and self-confidence to handle the intensity of the program.

Q: What type of work experience are you looking for in the admissions process?

A: We seek diversity in the professional backgrounds of our admitted students, just as we do in other parts of our applicants’ profiles. No one industry or field is favored over another. We are more interested in the applicant’s contribution to the group or organization. Experience in the areas related to supply chain, including purchasing, logistics, transportation, distribution, retail, and international trade, etc. will be considered a plus.