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Jobs / Placement

Q: What are the career search opportunities in the field of MSCM?

A: There are several job opportunities for leaders in supply chain management. Students with the skills sets offered through the MSCM Program will find career opportunities in a wide variety of industry sectors including consulting, distribution, third-party logistics service providers, retail, banking, and procurement/sourcing. To view a list of the companies MSCM students join after graduation, see the MSCM Careers webpage.

Q. Does Ross offer on-campus career services?

A: Yes, through the Ross Career Services (RCS) students attend employer presentations and recruiting forums, have access to iMpact (our intranet), and use RCS literature, seminar videotapes, mock interviews, career counseling, career forums, career seminars and other services. For additional information on Ross Career Services and how MSCM students benefit from their services, visit the MSCM Careers webpage.

Q: What are your employment statistics?

A: Employment statistics for the MSCM program are available on our website at Click on the Employment Data navigation button, select Employment Overview, then navigate to the "MSCM Graduates" tab. You can also access all Ross employment statistics via the Ross School's Employment Data PDF, found on the Employment Data webpage. 

The employment record of Tauber Institute students also is indicative of potential job opportunities with companies that regularly recruit from the University of Michigan. Please visit

These statistics also give you an idea of the industry sectors and the companies that recruit at the University.